How do I get the Kanto radio? And also, how do I get the Magnet Train pass?

Need to get to the next cities in Kanto to beat the last 3 gym leaders.

Also, where's the 8th gym leader located? I only see 2 more in Kanto.

Help is appreciated, please and thanksees. <3

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    Oh yeahhhh. Alright, the eighth is in Viridian City, Giovanni was overthrown, so now Gary's the gmy leader. Man, it's been soo long since Crystal, and awhile since I got past this on Heart Gold.

    I believe you have to beat the Power Plant sidequest, and then you have to go to the Radio Tower that's in Lavender. I believe one of the people in the bottom right corner give it to you.

    Alright, after that, go back to Vermillion City. You'll see that fat ugly Snorlax, but you don't have a Poke Flute! (Aww man, I wish Red would lend us one..) Okay, go to your PokeGear's Radio station and make sure it's in the middle. Slide it directly up and it will begin playing music. Talk to Snorlax and it will battle you. (55% chance it will have a Leftovers, so I might want to keep on trying if he has it).

    Seventh is in Cinnibar Island, surf there from (color) Pallet(e) town and go down. When you get there, talk to Gary. Then go right and you'll fight Blaine in his little gym. Then, go back and talk to Gary once more (but make sure that you already beat Brock) and Gary will go back to his little gym.

    Oh yeah, and make sure you use a Rock, electric, or ice type when you fight him. He sends out Pidgeot first.

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    To get the Kanto Radio, you go to (i think it is) Lavender Town. or wherever the radio station is; and then talk to this man/woman. I'm srry i forget, i beat that part awhile ago. To get the Magnet Train pass, you get this piece for the magnet train control station whatever it's called. and then you defeat team rocket somewhere ( i forget) and then they "give" you the piece, you go to the magnet train control station, then you got the pass.

    Source(s): Longtime Pokemon player and I've beat the game. :)
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