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African clawed frog care/tips- easy points!?

I have purchased 3 albino african clawed frogs (today) and have them a 60L tank filled a 1/3 of the way to help prevent hitting the top of the lid when jumping and drowning, the temperature is at 22 degrees but i have heater if suggested, the filter is not in use and i know to clean most the water out weekly (it has said 90% online).

The decorations are gravel (will be changed to rocks once bigger) two peices of bogwood that allow them to sit on at the surface and a load of round smooth rocks.

At least one of them is male, i looked at the one not hiding. I have read up on basic care and best tank set up for them but i want to hear some tips from owners of acf's as they will know more about them than the internet suggesting different things.

I will most likely be moving them to a longer lower set tank as they get older or just a longer tank half filled. How often should i feed them they are baby's? i know its 3-4 days for adults and what would be a good weekly varied diet for them inc live shrimp, pellets and blood worm?

Thanks for any tips.

Also they arent sitting st the top much, is this normal? They do have wood to sit on to sit at the surface but keep sitting at the bottom.

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    Definitely get a filter. A 90% water change once a week is pretty harsh for 3 frogs in 5 gallons of water. It doesn't need to be anything expensive. A DIY sponge filter would be just fine. With a filter you only need to change 10-15% once a week. This is much less drastic and will not have such a negative impact as a 90% change will.

    I'd turn the heater on. The water should be about 75*F. ACFs are pretty temperature tolerant, so keeping them without the heater won't kill them. However, they will be more lively in warmer water, and since they come from

    warmer waters it seems like it would be best to keep them that way.

    Definitely get the biggev tank sooner rather than later. Ten gallons per ACF is a good rule to follow. A 30 long should be what you're looking for.

    They should be fed every day as juveniles, every 3-4 days as adults. Right now you can either feed them once a day or twice with smaller portions each feeding. Glad to see the word "variety" in your feeding info. That's one of the most important things. Baby TurtleMin Pellets are a great staple food. They're high in protein and ACFs seem to love them. Frozen foods are good too. Again, go for variety: bloodworms, daphnia, brine shrimp, tubifex worms. Don't get freeze dried foods for them though! They have been known to cause bloat in frogs. Live foods are good, but don't feed them too often as the frogs can get picky. Avoid goldfish. They are very fattening and are high in niacin. Some people give them veggies like greens and zucchini and aquatic plants as well.

    It's normal for them not to do much, especially during the day since the are nocturnal. They are fully aquatic, so they shouldn't come out of the water. They do love floating plants to lounge around in though. Anacharis is great.

    Hope this helps. :)

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    Yes they will eat smaller fish if they get the chance. Also it will take a year for a clawed frog to mature. A larger tank is always a good thing! It gives your fish more space and they are also easier to keep as far as your ammonia and ph levels go. I had a clawed frog for a few months and I ended up getting rid of it. It was a terror in my fish tank. If you have any holes at all on the top of the tank I would recommend sealing them up. The clawed frog is a master at escaping!! I personally do not recommend them at all. They also secrete alot of bacteria into your tank so if you plan on keeping a clawed frog make sure you do water changes frequently and have a good filter.

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