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Do you think it would benefit the LDS church if Mitt Romney became president?

I think having an LDS member in the White House would be great because we would have someone who would listen to the prophet and this would create a special bond and maybe get us back on the right spiritual path.

Also, the TRUE history of the church would be exposed and all the anti-Mormon lies would be dug up and they could be put behind us once and for all.

I think it would really help the public image of the LDS church if he became president because we would have a national stage to show just how mainstream we are.


Edit: For those that disagree, the prophet would NEVER tell Mitt Romney to do something.

It is NOT the job of the prophet to tell members what to do. There would be a separation of church and state.

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    If a Mormon became president, that means the LDS church, the phoniest of the phony American religions, would be running the country. This would be a sign that would make me start believing in the end of the world.

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    I don't think that a "special bond" would necessarily bring the country back on the "right spiritual path", but I agree that it would still help the Church in the long run. With a Mormon in the White House, the world would shine a lime light on all things LDS and the Church wouldn't be viewed as an insignificant religious movement out of Utah anymore. People would be forced to come to terms with Mormonism, for good or for worse.

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    No, I DO NOT believe that the church would benefit in any way if Mitt became president.....the country would benefit but not the church.

    You saw how the anti's came out with every obscure thing that a leader had said since the early 1800s during the campaign. I think that would be worse if Mitt were elected because the libs would want to do everything they could to undermine him in order to stop legislation that our country needs. They don't care to know the truth of what we teach or to understand that we don't believe that any church leader is infallible. Just because a leader says something does not make it doctrine. We believe that they are human with opinions and ideas of their own. But, the anti's don't care to know the truth about us when they can make millions and get a lot of attention telling lies.

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    I think it would be great as well. Mormons are very honest people. Not sure about Mitt. I mean he is a politician for heaven's sake. But It would also put the LDS church in the spot light for an enduring amount of time.. Guess what would happen. The truth be told over and over and over and most people will realize that the LDS church is a lie.

    Check ;)

    I've been confirmed that the LDS religion is false. Along with every other religion.

    Guess what that means. I have as much conviction as you. I also have proof that Joseph Smith was a fraud. So I've got conviction and facts. Guess what, I'd love for Mitt to be President..

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  • Minnow
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    10 years ago

    Other than the fact that it would prove that a Mormon in political power wouldn't be driven by the Prophet, I don't know. I don't like Mitt Romney all that much as a politician... no offense. I don't think he'd do much to embrace the "mormon" part of him if he was president (attacking the anti-Mormon lies and putting the true history out there for instance) because it would alienate too many people.

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    No. Mitt Romney would give a bad reputation for the church. I admit he was a pretty good governor considering he had almost no support from the state government, but he cannot answer a single question, just gives the typical political speak which makes him look like a phony.

    Source(s): Lifelong Baystater
  • 4 years ago

    Don't worry.. He won't be president.. Not a single one carries more allegiance than Barrack Obama. btw I am abstaining from voting for either party.. Let's fight the 2 party system.. It is killing this country!

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    i think it would help in the way of someone listening to us however romney would probably never involve religion into politics. it would just be too messy

    plus if romney did something wrong it would be blamed on the church. also more bad rumors would probably pop up from the people who don't like him.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    no, cause then people will start to investigate mormons online more, and they will find all the stuff which is not complimentary to mormons(true or not) and it will hurt conversion numbers.

    mormons benefit most from people not knowing much about them. since the internet has become widely used in the USA, baptisms in theUSA have gone down for the mormons. do you really want more exposure?

  • Hally
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    What "anti-Mormon lies"? Like that whopper that Joseph Smith had lots of wives, more than just Emma?

    Derrick, do you know that Joseph Smith engaged in plural marriage? That's right; he was a polygamist. If you don't believe me, go on the Church's genealogical website,, and look up the Prophet Joseph Smith. Put in the date of birth as 1805, and make sure that the person you select from the list was born in Sharon, Vermont.

    Now, look at that long, LONG list of women who were married to Joseph Smith. If you won't believe so-called "anti-Mormons," will you believe your own Church's website?

    Source(s): I used to be a Mormon.
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