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Foundation for sensitive dry skin and skin with dermatitis?

My skin is dry so I use lotion and take oral medication for dermatitis and those usually keep it under control, but sometimes I want to wear foundation. This makes my skin flare up with dry patches and it hurts. I've tried so many different kinds and none of them seem to be good for dry skin. Anybody have any recommendations?

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    Hi there :) I have dry skin and dermatitis myself. The combination that has worked complete wonders for me was L'Oreal FUTUR.E moisturizer for normal to dry skin, and to top it off with L'Oreal True Match powder or foundation. The powder seems to work better with me and causes me to sweat less. They both last all day on my skin, don't clog my pores and did not cause any breakouts.

    Hopefully that works for you too. Good luck!

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    i also have dry skin and I used bare minerals but it seemed to get stuck in patches of dry flakes and made my skin look drier

    I went to clinique counter at macy's and they gave me a face scrub and foundation that was best for my skin type

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    I know its expensive, but bare minerals works so good.

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