space mission names--what do 51-L or STS 98 stuff stand for..?

I'm doing a science space ISU. i'm suppose to design a mission patch and write a paragraph to describe about my mission patch. our teacher gave us a sheet to show us an example of how to write the description, and when i looked at the sheet, it was an example of a mission patch and the paragraph's title was, "51-L Mission Patch". Another one was "STS-98" or something. i've seen these things a lot for space shuttles and stuff, but i never knew what they were, and i need to know these for my mission patch paragraph.. I really want to do good for this ISU. HELP?!

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    Well, NASA changed the numbering system for the "Space Transportation System" missions twice.

    Before FY1984, they just numbered them sequentially, then they switched to a system that consisted of the fiscal year in which the mission was approved (eg, 4 for 1984, 5 for 1985), the launch site (1=KSC, 2 = Vandenberg) and a letter for the sequence (A= first mission of the fiscal year) of the manifest, which is not always the same as the actual launch order. This switch was because the launch frequency was planned to raise quickly.

    After Challenger, they reverted back to the sequential system

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    Sts 98

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    STS means Space Transportation System. Every shuttle mission has an STS number. The first mission was STS-1, the mission that's going on now is the 132nd mission so it's called STS-132, but they did have a different numbering system for awhile and the second link explains that.

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    STS stands for Space Transportation System... which is the official name of the Space Shuttle Program.

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