Is there any word involving the geography of Europe that starts with Q?

It can be any land form (river, mountain...) or any city or town...

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    10 years ago
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    The following cities appear in the index to "National Geographic Collegiate Atlas of the World" (2006):

    Quakenbrück, Germany

    Queensbury, United Kingdom

    Quercy, France

    Quesada, Spain

    Quiberon (or Presque'île de Quiberon), France

    Quillan, France

    Quintanar de la Orden, Spain

    Quintin, France

    Quinto, Spain

    Questionable, depending on where you divide Eurasia:

    Qax, Azerbaijan

    Qazakh, Azerbaijan

    Qazbegi, Georgia

    Qazimämmäd, Azerbaijan

    Qonaqkänd, Azerbaijan

    Quba, Azerbaijan

    Qusar, Azerbaijan

    Qvareli, Georgia

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  • jpm896
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    10 years ago

    Queenstown, Blackpool, Lancashire, United Kingdom

    Quiberon, France

    Quimper, France


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