Immediate effects on Roman society after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ?

Anything please. I'm not talking about how the crucifixion effected today's society, but what were the immediate effects after Jesus' execution? Did this cause rebellions, or did Roman society go on as if it never happened. Please do not answer this question with strong religious feelings, please leave that stuff out of this. I just need to know fact for an essay I need to write in English Class, okay. Also please have sources, preferable not sources leading to super religious sites, again, pure academics and historical fact. Thanks!!

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    Little or no affect immediately. Jesus was a poor carpenter in a backwards province that the Romans sent people they did not like. I think it happened during the reign of Tiberius.

    With in a generation christians could be found in most of the cities in the eastern part of the empire and beyond to Babylonia, India and Armenia. Nero used the christians as a scape goat for the fires and had hundreds crucified, covered in tar and set on fire as torches (they were not alive for long).

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