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Latin to English Translation Websits?

Does anyone know any GOOD Latin to English translation websites? Thanks!

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    Latin is a very "smart" language. Due to its syntax (the cases and their multiple uses), it's impossible to get an online/electronic translator that can translate correctly a whole sentence.

    If you want to have anything translated from Latin into English, German, French, Chinese, etc, there are only two ways: learn the language and try to translate it or ask someone who knows latin (kind enough!) to translate what you wish to see translated.

    BUT, if you want a software that works as a Latin-English dictionary, then I recommend you WORDS.

    Good Luck ;)

    Source(s): Studying Latin since 2003
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  • 10 years ago

    There simply aren't any. I'm very sorry, but on line translators seem to have a lot of problems with the correct declensions in Latin.

    You can use the tools at as a help with translations, but don't expect the website to do the thinking for you.

    Good luck!

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