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BJJ and my lady instructor, how?

to avoid getting aroused? I have this small class where I always paired up with my lady instructor and whenever we grapple, I can't help but get aroused, darn it! Man to man is okay, but man to woman with grappling? Has anyone had the same problem before?

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    No; I have a little more self-control than that William and perhaps you need to focus more on the training and what you are doing and less on the fact that she is a female and see if that does not help. That and wearing a cup and keeping it on the proper level should go a long way in preventing this from happening.

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    She is just attractive. Trust me, there are plenty of women in the martial arts who are homely enough where this would not be a problem. If she's not weirded out about it then you should not be. And like someone else said: wear a cup! The cup will hide it better than anything, and eventually, the novely will wear off and you won't be so aroused anymore.

    Don't feel bad, though. I grappled with a woman once and we BOTH got aroused. Then immediately embarrassed. Then we both went into denial and kept on training.

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    First thing. People all advance at their own pace don't stop or get discouraged because someone is advancing faster than you. Several years ago one of my teammates and I received our purple belts on the same day now he has a black belt with one stripe and I still haven't earned mine yet.(disclaimer he was living at the academy and is a lot younger and more athletic than me) BJJ is one of those things that you just have to stick with. There is an old saying, the person who gets their black belt in Jiu Jitsu isn't the one who is best its the one who is left. The longer you train the more you will notice that most people don't stick around long. The white belt digging his elbow in your thigh to open your guard probably wont be there next month. Stay the course and the new white belts will be admiring your skills someday. As for improving your bottom game.. Open your guard there isn't much you can do when you have your guard locked and in half guard always try to stay on your side if your flat on your back your already in trouble. Good luck

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    I say pull out your stuff and start jerking it at her. I garuntee she'll pair you with someone else next time.

    Wait a minute....you said that this happened a few times before. She still keep pairing you with her?!?!?!? DO U KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS?!?!?!? She wants you man!!!

    Invite her for a cup of coffee or something to eat after class, then apologize but say you can't help it because she's so beautiful.


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    Yeh and it sucks and is perfect at the same time. Just think of something that makes you so mad at her, then make it physical on the matt. ex... Youre married and she just tried 2 kill you.. what r u goona do about it.

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    Beat off before class. Problem solved!

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    As ever, an early episode of the Simpsons has the answer: http://jb5252.tripod.com/simpsons/unsexy.wav

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    If you get too nervous about your condition, just follow that age-old advice, and imagine everyone else is naked.

    Oh wait...

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    I think, if you really want to stop, you'll have to see a behavioral psychologist to work out a behavior modification strategy.

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    Wear a cup.

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