whats the state of british cameroon?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Cameroon is a state in the Central West coast of the African continent.

    First conquered by the Portuguese and christianed Cameroes , later named Kamerun by the Germans who kicked out the Portuguese only to have their cherished colony handed over to the British (20%) and the French (80%) by the league of Nations (now the United Nations) following the end of the first world war.

    The two sides where then governed independently and referred to as British Cameroon and French Cameroon until 1960s when both gained independence after much struggle.

    The two parts where re-united by a referendum. this created what was then known as Southern Cameroon referring to the former British half.

    In 1972 both where "united" to form The United Republic of Cameroon now refered to as The Republic of Cameroon.

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