Getting a Nordic (Scandinavian/German) look?

Hi there people,

I've been meaning to ask a question. First of all I must say I am a citizen of Romania, the newest country that adhered to European Union. I was born in the north-eastern region of Romania, called Moldavia but now I'm living in the western region called Banat the city of Timisoara (or Temeschwar/Temesvar as it is internationally known). Back in the ancient days when the Dacian people (the ancestors of today's Romanians) were conquered by the Roman Empire, not all Dacian was conquered, so the people of the north didn't get genetically mixed with Latins, so they don't have that tanned skin complexion,they are tall and fair-skinned, fair haired and have blue, green or hazel iris, you will rarely see a dark colored person in Moldavia and Transylvania. They are also tall and robust (most of them anyway, as there are always exceptions). My problem is that my mother is from Oltenia the most Latin conquered part of ancient Dacia, but my father is from Moldova. As a result I have a tall body and a robust skeleton due to the gens of my Nordic father who is light haired and has blue eyes, genes that I'm proud of, but my look is to Latin due to the genes of my southern mother who has a dark skin, black eyes and raven-black hair. My skin is a bit lighter than hers but not very lighter, my eyes are dark brown instead of black and my hair is dark brown, that color the 80% cocoa chocolate has (even a bit lighter now,in the summer time) and I'm not proud of it at all. When I was a little kid my skin was very fair,like my father's and my aunt's, my iris was multicolor,than it became hazel. As I grew older my skin became darker and darker .Maybe it's my fault as I heavily exposed myself to sun back then as I really liked sunbathing. After I passed the age of 10 my skin became even darker, almost like a South-American dude, and now during summer time I avoid the sun as much as I can, because if I get a suntan as dark-skinned as I am now i would look like a *******, which is certainly not my intention. Some people said I look like Antonio Banderas except for my body that is much taller and stronger, but indeed my complexion is as dark as his,and even the shape of my face features are quite Latin. Some time ago when I didn't have much beard but a strong mustache, I've let my mustache grow and some friends of mine asked me "What are you trying to do? Trying to get a Mexican look?". They don't know my fascination for Nordics and how un-pleased I am with this Latin look,as I didn't even hint about it so I guess they weren't just teasing. So anyway is it even possible to get such a massive amount of re-shaping one's face? I know about the discoloration treatment that is made with lasers to destroy the pigment that is already present in the skin and applying a cream daily that both prevents the recreation of pigment and protects the skin from sun-rays preventing the sunburn problem, but is it possible to re-shape one's face to make it look Nordic (that would mean a nose reshape, a lip re-shape and re-shaping the cheeks and the borders of my face)? And is it any way to change the eye and hair color except for the contact lens and hair dye (genetic manipulation or something)? I would really like to know what I would have to go through on this quest for beauty. By the way I'm a 20 years old (almost 21) male (if that makes any difference). I would like to know the kind of anesthetic used in this cases (local or total, as I would prefer local), the recovery time, the costs, the risks and any kind of additional info you could offer. I'm most interested in getting answers from doctors, nurses and people which got through aesthetic surgery, but anyone's answer's is much welcome so please answer me.

Thanks in advance!

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    I am also 20 (almost 21) and born in Republic of Moldova. I would like to tell you that you can almost forget about Dacians and Romans, because after 1200 and so on until nowadays, those territories were under the influence of a lot of nationalities: russians, hungarians, turks, bulgarians, greeks etc. (as you can see a lot of them). I would say that your father is more coming from Russians line, as almost all the blonde people from Republic of Moldova are coming from Russia (oh, we also had quite a lot of jews). One of my grandmothers was from Bulgaria (actually I took my appearance from my father), I am not very tall - 1,85, dark hair and dark brown eyes but I have a lighter skin (which comes from my mother), my mother was born in the South of Moldova, some of my ancestors from my mothers line came from Russia (almost all my relatives of my mothers are blondes or with light hair and blue, green eyes). I wouldn't recommend you to change your looks, you shouldn't be ashamed by the way you were born or you look right now. Oh, and my surname is Croatian so who knows who I am, even though my first language is Romanian I speak also quite a lot Russian having a lot of friends. Cheers mate!

    • Zach5 years agoReport

      Russians have brown haired/eyed people too, good to see stereotypes aren't just an American thing "sarcasm"

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  • Romanians are Latins they mostly have Black hair Brown eyes and Olive skin but some Romanians have Light Medium and Dark Brown hair and Green eyes and also Light Medium and Dark Blonde hair and Blue eyes Romanians have a Dacian Roman Middle Eastern Germanic and Slavic admixture.

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  • Karen
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    4 years ago

    Yes. Many people in the North have some Mongol blood, thanks to Genghis Khan and his boys, who made it to the edge of Europe. You will see this particularly in Slavs (Ukrainians and Russians), but also as far as Iceland. People with high cheekbones, and slightly slanted eyes, which you seem to have. This could be on people with fair skin, blue eyes, and blond hair as well. So, "pure" Nordic may well include a bit of the Mongol.

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  • 10 years ago

    When i was about 12 years old I went crazy on vikings/norse stuff and pestered my mum to dye my hair blonde She wouldn't let me but I got a golden brown dye and did it anyway. My hair was naturally so dark it went reddish instead...very disappointed. I really wanted to be blonde but my eyes were brown and my hair dark from my very Spanish looking Irish grandmother...

    Basically you can dye your hair and keep out of the sun but that's it. It's no great shakes to be blonde either, I did it when I was 16 and people just think blonde girls are bimbos so I dyed it back. Most of the girls I know prefer dark guys to blonde, including myself, so your probably better off the way you are.

    Just stay out of the sun's bad for you!

    • Zach5 years agoReport

      Be proud of who you are! Don't dye your f***ing hair. Scandinavians have brown eyed/haired/skinned people that are "ethnically" Scandinavian. I place it in parentheses because their no such thing as ethnic since every country isn't fenced off with a Great Wall!

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  • 10 years ago

    mmmm try the blonde hair and blue eyes

    and a suggestion is to cut down the infrmation

    i could not finish it...too much patiene, sorry.

    oh and i also see german boys with shaved gold hair and blue ish eyes or so


    • Zach5 years agoReport

      Sunny **** off you uninformed cooch

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Eu sunt născut în Bucureşti dintr-un părinte muntean şi unul oltean şi sunt provenit în Cluj de ceva timp. Sunt de aceiaşi vârstă cu tine, am 2 metri, sunt robust pentru că fac sală, păr şaten(când e mai mare, când e scurt tare e mai mult spre blond), ochi albaştri şi sunt foarte palid deci nu generaliza că cei din sud sunt mai închişi. :P Am un sfat! Ai fost făcut într-un fel; rămâi aşa. Dacă lumea spune că semeni cu Antonio Banderas înseamnă că arăţi bine şi ai şanse bune cu fetele, nu le ciopârţii.

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