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What would you name multiples if their nicknames had to rhyme?

But their first names couldn’t rhyme. Do at least 2 sets of multiples (Any kind, twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc. and you pick the genders)

Mine are:

Triplet boys named Maddox, Paxton, and Jaxith. Nicknames are Max, Pax, and Jax.

Twin Boys: Draco and Jacobi. Nicknames Drake and Jake.

Twin Girls: Ariella and Aubriana. Nicknames are Ari and Aubri.

Triplet Girls: Maegan, Renae, Shaelyn. Nicknames: Mae, Rae, Shae

Twins: Boy/Girl: Madison and Broden. Nicknames: Madi and Brody

Thanx and have fun, :D.


Olivia - You were supposed to do first names that didn't ryhme, but the nicknames that did. Thanx for trying though.

Update 2:

x-LilyRo... - Yea they do, they both end in the same sound. Madi (MAD-ee)

Brody (BROD-ee).

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    Twin girls: Noralie & Corinna - Nora & Cora

    Twin boy/girl: Wesley & Therese - Wes & Tess

    Twin boy/girl: August & Margaux - Auggie & Maggie

    Twin girls: Siobhan & Bronwyn - Von/Vonnie & Bron/Bronnie

    Twin boys: Zachary & Jackson - Zach & Jack

    Twin girls: Susannah & Annabel - Zanna & Anna

    Quadruplet girls: Bianca, Amelia, Ania & Cecilia - Bia, Mia, Nia & Lia

    Twin boys: Nolan & Nicholas - Nole & Cole

    Twin girls: Liliana & Camilla - Lily & Millie

    Twin boy/girl: Gregory & Meghan - Greg & Meg

    Triplet girls: Gabriella, Tabitha & Abigail - Gabby, Tabby & Abby

    Twin boy/girl: Katherine & Nathaniel - Kate & Nate

    Triplet girls: Victoria, Lorelei & Corinne - Tori, Lori & Cori

    Twins boy/girl: Scott & Charlotte - Scottie & Lottie

    Twin girls: Caroline & Calista - Carrie & Callie

    Twin boys: Sebastian & Jebediah - Seb & Jeb

    Triplets boy/boy/girl: Calvin, Salvatore, & Hallie - Cal, Sal & Hal

    Triplets boy/boy/girl: James, Timothy & Kimberly - Jim, Tim & Kim

    Twin girls: Evelyn & Neva - Eve & Neve

    Quintuplets boy/boy/boy/girl/girl: Benjamin, Kenneth, Lennox, Genevieve & Rena - Ben, Ken, Len, Gen, & Ren

    Twin girls: Alyssa & Christina - Lys & Chris

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  • 4 years ago

    WIlliam and Matilda (Billy and Milly) Katherine and Mathew (Kat and Mat) Nicholas and Michael (Nick and Mick) Chantelle, Kelly, and Melanie (Telle, Kel and Mel) I wouldn't purposely make twins have rhyming names or nicknames. I think each baby is an individual so should be named as such. However if they ended up with rhyming nicknames, it wouldn't really matter that much.

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    Twin Girls: Lillian and Camilla

    Nicknames: Lily and Millie

    Twin Boys: Charles and Carl

    Nicknames: Charlie and Carlie

    Twins Boy / Girls: Oliver and Hollis

    Nicknames: Ollie and Holly


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  • Twin boys: Zachary and Jackson - Zack and Jack.

    Triplet boys: Victor, Nicholas, and Richard - Vic, Nick, and Rick.

    Twin girls: Olivia and Vivienne - Livvy and Vivvy.

    Triplet girls: Lillian, Emmeline, and Matilda - Lilly, Milly, and Tilly.

    Twins: Boy/Girl: Callum and Haley. Cal and Hal.

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  • Cute Game, nice idea that the first names don't rhyme, avoiding matchy-matchy:)

    Twin Boys: Leonardo & Theodore --- Leo and Theo

    Triplet Boys: Micheal, Nicholas, Cedric --- Micky, Nicky & Rikky

    Triplet Girls: Virginia, Minerva & Winona --- Ginny, Minny, Winnie

    Twin Girls: Olivia & Lilian --- Livvy and Lily

    Twin: Boy/Girl: Theodora and Edward --- Teddy and Eddie

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    Triplet Girls - Marie, Jayla, Fran - Nicknames - May, Jay, Fay

    Twin Boys - Kenny, Benjamin - Nicknames - Ken, Ben / Kenny, Benny

    Madi & Brody doesnt rhyme...?

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  • Twin boys: Jackson & Jacob NN: Jack & Jake

    Twin girls: Amelia & Lillian NN: Milly & Lily

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  • Kim
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    10 years ago

    Twin girls: Michelle and Melanie - Shell and Mel

    Twin boys: Raymond and Jacob - Ray and Jay

    Twin (boy/girl): Jason and Mary - Jay and May

    Ok, sorry that all I can think of. Haha I'm not very good at this :)

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  • Twin boys:

    -- Maxwell Riley "Max"

    -- Jackson Henry "Jax"

    Twin girls:

    -- Caroline Ruby "Callie"

    -- Alice Charlotte "Allie"

    Twin b/g:

    -- Katherine Sophia "Kate"

    -- Nathaniel Liam "Nate"

    This was fun!!

    ♥кαуℓєє ℓуηη.

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  • Twin girls:

    Matilda and Amelia (Tilly and Millie)

    Twin girls:

    Rosalind and Lucinda (Lindy and Cindy)

    Twin boys:

    Lennox and Bennett (Len and Ben)

    Twin boys:

    Samuel and Cameron (Sam and Cam)

    Boy/girl twins:

    Harrison and Marianne (Harry and Mari)

    Boy/girl twins:

    Kenneth and Genevieve (Ken and Gen)

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