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Adoption question in california?

my mom was adopted in California in 1967 in a closed adoption and she wants to find her birth parents or know more about them and her background and for medical reasons. Her birth certificate is amended so it shows her adopted parents names. She has the hospital, city and date she was born. She has tried so many ways to find her birth parents. She thinks her adopted parents are hiding something from her is it possible that they have a name of the birthparents from the court even when it was a closed adoption ?

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    My birthdaughters adoptive parents did not have our names. They were given some bogus information about us. It was a closed adoption in 1972. I located a search angel and she found my daughter. She no longer searches. I knew the name of the hospital, birthdate and doctor who delivered etc. It cost me 40.00 and it took about a week.

    Her adoptive parents are probably not hiding anything unless they have her original BC (doubtful), back when closed adoptions were the rule, relatively no information was given. They had the attitude, that both partys would never be able to find each other. Pretty sad.

    I used the Childrens Home Society in California. You are allowed to send a letter to the adoption agency stating that you want contact, if her mother has done the same then they can be reunited that way.

    Reunions are very fragile and you have to be prepared for the good, the bad and the ugly.

    Source(s): In reunion since 2001 Bmom to Cheri 1972 and mom to James 1977
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    If your mother's parents knew the name of the birth mother or father, they would certainly have inquired of them at some time about their medical histories. Closed adoptions back in 1967 were truly closed adoptions. I was adopted in 1967, and my parents do not know the names or my birth parents and we do not have any information about medical histories. That's not to say that a private investigator could not find out who the birth parents are....

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    It depends--if she was adopted from foster care then no the adoptive parents wouldn't have that information. One of the foster kids we had back in the early 70's was adopted by a family in the southern part of the state---they know Nothing about the child's first family and the child wrote us asking for information about her family. We know a little about her and certainly know where she was born and the circumstances of her placement in foster care. If she comes back here or calls I will tell her all I know about her family of origin.

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