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Will My Parakeet Become Lonely?

Okay, so about 2 months ago, I got 2 male parakeets. A blue and white one named blue jeans, and a green one named buddy. Well, yesterday, buddy died, and I don't want blue jeans to get too lonely. Do you think he will? Will it help if I just spend time with him and teach him how to talk and tricks and stuff like that? Or should i get him a new friend. Please help me!

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    Aww, poor little buddy :(. I would try to bond with him, but if you dont want to or dont have the time i say get another bird. Good luck :)

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    In all actuality, don't get another one. If you just like there presence and don't plan on training them then get him a friend. Parakeets are a little difficult to train because they get attached to other parakeets and sort of revert to being wild again. They will then ignore you, your commands, or attempts at training them all together. For the mean time id just keep the one you have and do the best you can at training him. Once you've become bonded with him and hes learned what you want him to, then maybe get another one. The best results for training these guys is keeping it alone.

    He may get a little lonely but once you guys have bonded he'll have you, and that's all he'll need :)

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    i don't think he will get lonely because if they were only togeather 2 months then it will probably be ok. but if you don't spend alot of time with your birds i suggest get a new friend.

    hope i helped


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