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What movie magic (an event that the laws of physics prove could not happen) is shown in the movie Avatar?

ty for those who answer with great detail and meaning.

I think this should be really fun and interesting.


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    Though it might not seem like it, Jame Cameron did his research. Avatar is actually much more scientifically accurate than some people think.

    The most gregarious example of scientific inaccuracy is that of the floating Halleluluah Mountains. In universe, the explanation is that they have high concentrations of unobtanium. Unobtanium is a room-temperature superconductor, and superconducting materials are repelled from magnetic field lines.

    The Mountains float because the unobtanium inside is trying to get away from Pandora's magnetic field. Unfortunately, a magnetic field strong enough to float a mountain (even a superconducting mountain), would be strong enough to rip the haemoglobin from your blood. Cameron was aware of this, but decided that the image of a floating mountain was too brilliant to pass up.

    The other major conceit of the film is the Na'vi. Even viewed with respect to Pandora's other animals, they make no sense. They are ridiculously human. They have only four limbs, even though most other animals have six. You probably noticed that Ne'tiri had breasts, even though she wasn't a placental mammal. It's almost as if the Na'vi are species in the same genus as humans (Homo) who somehow found their way to Pandora.

    James Cameron was aware of this as well, but knew that it was important for the audience to relate to the Na'vi and see them as people, since they are the victims of the story.

    Though it may not have come across on screen, lots of the science on the screen was well thought out. Remember that interstellar spacecraft (ISV Venture Star) that you saw in the first minute of the film? Cameron hired Charles Pellegrino, an established rocket scientist, to design it. Pellegrino based it on his Valkyrie, a serious design for an antimatter-propelled spacecraft.

    Have a look at this Wikipedia article for an in-depth look at Avatar's fictional universe:

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    You may remember my answer from last night. I thought of another on this morning which I'd forgotten because it's so common most people don't realise it: humanoid aliens.

    The Navi might have blue skin, but they have human faces, human-shaped bodies and human behaviour, right down to their mating rituals (Jake and Neytiri make out like humans do).

    The film reasons for this are pretty obvious- the audience needs to be able to empathise with the aliens for the film to work. The aliens have to be, ultimately, humans in disguise. If you go the other way, you get Sigourney Weaver's aliens. Great for a particular type of story, but not this one.

    But when you think about it- why are the Navi so similar to humans, given that they evolved on a planet over 4 light-years away? There are so many paths evolution could take that the chances of them being the exact same are astronomical. It would be like Alice thinking up 100 random numbers in Australia, and Bob thinking up the exact same numbers in the UK. Too much of a coincidence.

    The story is similar for the trees and other organisms on Pandora, many of which have very terrestrial features, despite having nothing to do with Earth.

    It's not physically impossible, but it's also very unlikely that the battle between the humans and Navi would have played out the way it did, at least if the humans had any semblance of logic. Let's see now:

    * Cameron makes use of a technobabble "flux vortex" to negate the effects of autotargeting, so one does wonder why they flew straight into the vortex instead of around it.

    * It's very strange that arrows go through the helicopter armour, when they glanced off them in the earlier battle without so much as a scratch.

    * Helicopter gunships aren't designed to fight in-close like they did. Modern gunships at least prefer to fly around two miles away from their target and pick them off from a distance. (Flux vortex or not, radar targeting doesn't work at close range if the target moves fast enough). Again, it makes you wonder why they continued to fight at close range.

    * The fastest birds on Earth have a diving speed of about 350 km per hour, but they can't sustain it- their flight speed is much lower. Modern helicopters cruise at around 270. In short, the humans should have left the Navi attackers for dead.

    * The ground battle is also rather lopsided. Heavy machine guns that can penetrate plate steel can't kill animals? I don't think so.

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    Probably the substance unobtanium and its high demand couldn't exist in real life.

    We have exhausted the elements which naturally and stabily exist in our discoveries and periodic table development. If unobtanium did exist, and were an alloy rather than an elemental metal, just one sample of it brought back to Earth could easily be measured and reproduced with Earth elements.

    There is no reason to cause an interstellar war over it. Also, it is only a superconductor. When you think of the expenses of interstellar travel, a little heat dissipation in copper wires seems dirt cheap, and there would be no desire of humans to mine unobtanium from an extrasolar habitable moon.

    Another comment on the substance unobtanium. Pandora is one of many moons about Polyphemus. Why aren't there other Polyphemal moons containing unobtanium, such that we shouldn't disturb the Pandorian life? Jovian moons have common composition, Saturnal moons have common composition, Uranul moons have common composition, and Neptunian moons have common composition. Why don't we harvest the more barren moons of Polyphemus instead?

    Interstellar travel in and of itself is movie magic. If you accelerate such that astronauts always experience a 1-g environment within the spacecraft and you try to travel to the Alpha Centauri system from Earth, it will take about forty Earth years to get there. No one could get there and back within a lifetime, and due to relativistic effects, mission control will think the time is actually thousands of Earth years.

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  • 3 years ago

    > "gravity will be extreme" The gravity will easily be LOW contained in the middle of the earth, because once you get critically a strategies underground, the gravitational pull from the mass over your head completely or in part counteracts the pull from the mass lower than your ft. > "... they attain in decrease than a couple of minutes which isn't plausible even if traveled at terminal speed speed." it truly is maximum appropriate; they gave the impression to be travelling by air at primary rigidity, in which case their terminal speed may were some thing like one hundred and twenty 5 mph, and it may have taken them more beneficial than an afternoon to fall 4000 miles to the middle at that speed. yet i do not understand if that's sparkling that they were easily on the middle of the earth, inspite of the identify. Even contained in the e book, the visitors descended very few dozen miles or so. If we settle for that the descent became decrease than one hundred miles, numerous the data seem more beneficial possible. notwithstanding, there remains the issue of warm temperature. the interior of the earth receives truly warm even a fairly short distance undeground, and the visitors couldn't have withstood that. also, the rigidity deep down is so large that rock is deformed like dough, so that's unbelievable that there may were open wallet of area for the visitors to wander by. nevertheless a good experience tale!

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    havent seen the movie yet

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