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Chances of getting a Job at Apple Inc. after college?

I am going to attend Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I'm going to take a 2 year degree in either web marketing specialist or web graphic designer. What do you think my chances of eventually landing a job in Cupertino at Apple Inc? That is my passion and goal.

Thanks for any answers

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    I would say it's low (30 to 50%) unless you have tons of experience and revolutionizing websites showing how much revenue you have contributed to each business. Your need a portfolio of the websites you help to create along with a resume. Try doing an Apple internship first which is a paid position and work in as many departments as possible. If they like you they will hire your permantly. The good thing about Silicon Valley is that there is over 5000 Fortune companies with many start ups such with many perks such as free food, shuttle bus rides, gyms, etc. Look at Craigslist for openings with small companies and don't limit yourself to Apple since there is many faster growing companies such as Bloom Energy (See 60 minutes) , Testla Motors, Lucas Arts, or look at the Venture Capital sites for other interesting start ups. Also the Fortune 500 companies have great perks such as Adobe, Dreamworks, Pixar, Intuit, Yahoo, Google, Ebay, Paypal, Cisco Systems, Oracle, HP, Saleforce.com and Intel. Good luck!

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    It depends on the job you get.....say you want to work for someone who specializes in advertises for...psychologists. You would be better off having a degree with a major in communications and a minor in psycholocgy. So you understand communications a lot, with a little understand of psychology. I think that minors are kind of silly...unless you know exactly what you want to be, and how it will help you get it. Don't forget, you can always go back to school and get an MA in something if you need to!

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