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what are some great schools with a good education department?

I want to get my degrees in education. what are some good schools that have a fantastic education department with a great college scene?

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    The best education program in the country is at Michigan State. Others that are very strong academically: UVA, U of Washington, Georgia, Vanderbilt, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Columbia, Michigan.

    I can't vouch for the "scene" at any of these except Michigan State and Indiana. (I attended both, graduating from IU; my daughter is currently an education major at IU and made two visits to MSU while she was choosing a college. It was a close call.) You wouldn't be sorry you chose either IU or MSU.

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    Since you call yourself San Diego Mama, I assume that you are in California. Teaching credentials are given by the state and each state has different rules. In California, you major in the subject that you are going to teach, (you do not major in education.) During your 5th year you take education classes for a semester and student teach. It would be more important to find a good school for your major rather than for the education department.

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    I just graduated with my bachelors in elementary education from Flagler College (in Saint Augustine, Florida). They are also known for their fabulous Deaf Education program.

    Some other colleges include Mount Holyoke College (South Hadley, MA), state colleges, and more. Depends what part of education you're interested in. Then see who is known for their education programs.

  • SUNY New Paltz!

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