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If I want to take easyjet from Amsterdam to London, what airport should I choose?Stansted<Gatwick or < Luton ?

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    If you live near Liverpool Street Station then Stansted for the Stansted Express, London Bridge, Blackfriars, King's Cross St Pancras have trains to Gatwick and, I think Luton as well.

    Luton isn't the best because you need a (free) bus ride from the station there to the airport. Short but a bit inconvenient. You can always get a coach from Victoria or Baker Street which goes direct.

    But it's all pretty much the same.. I always just go for the cheapest flight..

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    Gatwick is closer to the center of London; compared to Luton, it is definitely the main airport and is much bigger.

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    Choose the airport that is easiest & most convenient to get at - there's no point choosing an 8am flight out of Luton if you live in Barnet

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    It doesn't really matter. All 3 have fast frequent rail links to central London

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