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The Cubs are entering their hardest part of their schedule, how will they do?

vs Rockies

at Phillies

at Rangers

vs Dodgers

vs Cardinals

at Pirates

at Astros

With the way the Cubs have been performing as of late its possible that the Chicago Cubs could lose all of these games. Do you think the Cubs will be eliminated from playoff contention by June 1st. Will this prove that Tom Ricketts is a moron for buying the worst franchise in sports.

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    Sure, I hate the Cubs because I'm a White Sox fan. To start off, I'll give you your pitiful answer that They won't do so good, but might win like 4. Now start with the bashing.

    All you do is make comments and questions insulting your own city and teams. You say crap about the Cubs, Bears, and Blackhawks. Sure, we aren't the best sports city, but we aren't the worst. One of the best ways we connect is how we can relate in sports. Love your teams, hate each other's baseball teams. But you choose to hate all of them. This is why you have no friends.

    Sure, you moved to the city, and you don't feel like joining these teams. But you don't have to hate them. You even act like the Blackhawks are terrible, and they are on their way to the cup! They are the team to like right now. You have the right to join. You've made so many observations and predictions of choking and losing, but they all become wrong. If you can't beat them, join them. Do it before it is too late and you look like a bandwagoner.

    Source(s): I've done my research and have found you are a man with no life and are pretty good at keeping it that way with your crappy attitude.
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    A moron like Einstein. You realize the Cubs are one of the most solvent franchises in the game, don't you? Losing in baseball, at least losing like these guys, can be big money. As long as they KEEP losing, Ricketts won't have to worry much about food or rent.

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    they will win about 15 games in this stretch

    as for the Ricketts buying the team they really had no time to get anything done this season as player wise i do look for a big shakeup for next season many player could be released or just traded away

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Lou will retire from Baseball soon.

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