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Have you ever travelled to Isaan and what were your experiences?

Is it worth taking time to explore? I have been back home from Thailand for a month, and already planning my next trip(been 5 times already), Isaan is one area of Thailand I have never been to except to Udon Thani, but that was only as a transit point to Laos, so in reality I have never been. I imagine the tourist infrastructure isn't as built up as say Chiang Mai, or Samui. But I was wondering what other people thought about their travels there. Thanks!

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    Yes, apart from in Khorat, the tourism infrastructure is not well established in Isan. But if you want to see nature (but no sandy beaches or tropical islands) and culture, then Isan is the place to go.

    Wat Pha Namthip Thep Prasit Wararam in Roi Et Province includes the stunning or Maha Chedi Chai Mongkhon or the Chai Mongkhon Pagoda. I highly recommend a visit - go along rural highway no. 2136, pass Phon Thong Vocational College in direction of Pha Nam Yai.

    Roughly 180 km east of the city of Nong Khai Province (near the riverside town of Bung Kan) is a huge sandstone rock named Phu Tok. It jots up almost 200 meters in the otherwise flat landscape.

    At the top of the mountain is a temple, Wat Chetiya Khiri Vihan (commonly simply called Wat Phu Tok), which can be reached by a seven-level wooden spiral staircase.

    In Ubon Ratchathani you can enjoy great natural sights (and a view into Laos across the Mekong River) in the national parks named Kaeng Tana, Pha Taem, and Phu Jong-Na Yoi.

    In Ubon, you can also see Sam Pan Bok

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    Been there a few times, they have some sights for tourists to see but nothing super special; every city has temples to visit, public parks, open markets to walk around, maybe a mountain nearby, etc, if you are in Thailand during a holiday many Issan cities hold festivals for everyone to enjoy.

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