What is so bad about roaches?

I mean do they even do anything?Are they poisonous in any way or carry any diseases or do people

just simply hate them because of their hideous appearance?This question has been on my mind for

quite some time now and I hope I can finally find an answer to it.

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    Cockroaches live, feed and reproduce in most all types of structures including homes, apartments, restaurants, office buildings, nursing homes, hospitals, factories and most anywhere where people work, live and play. Cockroaches eat human food and non-food items and contaminate them with saliva, fecal droppings or glandular secretions. Roaches are suspected of transmitting a variety of diseases, but are most often implicated in the transmission of salmonella, the causal agent of food poisoning.

    From another source:

    Possible Link Between Cockroaches and SARS Good Enough Reason to Treat the Home

    Auburn, May 2, 2003 --- Is it possible cockroaches are spreading the potentially deadly SARS virus?

    Scientists aren’t sure. But whatever is ultimately decided, one expert says it is still a good idea to keep living spaces free of cockroaches.

    (Photo Courtesy of the University of Rhode Island Landscape Horticulture Program.)

    “What we do know is that cockroaches are known carriers of many different diseases,” says Dr. Xing Ping Hu, an Alabama Cooperative Extension System entomologist and Auburn University assistant professor of entomology. “That includes 32 bacterial- and 17 fungal-related diseases, three protozoa-related illnesses and two viruses.”

    Most health experts adamantly maintain there is no clear evidence linking cockroaches to SARS. The most likely culprits, they believe, are people who spread the disease through sneezing and coughing and touching doorknobs, elevator buttons and telephones.

    Nevertheless, a huge outbreak of the disease that occurred in a large, crowded Hong Kong apartment complex where tenants share the same sewage system left many experts speculating whether roaches were the culprit.

    “It’s one of those things that are within the realm of possibility,” says Dr. Art Appel, Auburn University alumni professor of entomology.

    “Like the common cold, the disease is most likely spread through sneezing and other aerial secretions or by handshaking, but the link to cockroaches is not entirely outrageous.”

    Cockroaches, Appel says, are believed to be “mechanical vectors” of some disease organisms.

    “What this means is that they can carry disease from one place to another. For example, if they come up from the sewer and walk across a slice of bread, it’s possible that whatever pathogen that is on the cockroach can be transferred to the bread and ultimately to the person who eats it.”

    Curiously, a clear link between cockroaches and disease has never been established, though history abounds with circumstantial evidence. And in cases where cockroaches are linked with major disease outbreaks, the conditions are always the same: large numbers of humans and cockroaches sharing the same confined living space.

    One of the most serious outbreaks associated with roaches occurred between 1956 and 1962 in a crowded Southern California apartment complex where cockroach populations were exceptionally high, Hu says.

    Twenty years later, halfway across the world, a dysentery outbreak in Northern Ireland was linked with the very same factors – large numbers of people sharing cramped living spaces with large cockroach populations.

    In both cases, the illnesses began dropping off when cockroach populations declined. Circumstantial evidence? Yes. But the correlation between the two simply cannot be ignored.

    “When the cockroach populations went down, diseases began to disappear,” Hu observes. “And that’s a very strong indicator that cockroaches may serve as a vector of diseases.”

    Recently, the most baffling outbreak of SARS occurred in a sprawling, aging apartment complex in Hong Kong – baffling because the disease apparently was not spread by a single person as had previously been the case with other outbreaks.

    Some scientists have speculated that the outbreak may stem from a large population of cockroaches that were foraging around the apartment complex’s common sewage system. Even so, testing of the cockroaches has turned up no evidence that the roaches are carriers of the virus.

    Even if cockroaches are not found to be SARS carriers, the circumstantial evidence that already has been uncovered is reason enough for people to spare no effort reducing cockroach populations throughout personal living spaces, Hu says.

    Fortunately for consumers, a wide array of cockroach-related products released within the last few years is making that job much easier.

    “Only a decade ago, cockroaches were considered the No. 1 household pest,” Hu says. “But in the last three years, new technologies and products, especially baits, have been made available that work really well with cockroaches.

    “They not only do a good job targeting the roaches but also provide excellent residual control in many cases.”

    Along with using chemical control methods, Hu also says it’s wise to adopt a non-chemical approach to insect control known as integrated pest management. For homeowners, this involv

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    What is so bad about roaches?

    I mean do they even do anything?Are they poisonous in any way or carry any diseases or do people

    just simply hate them because of their hideous appearance?This question has been on my mind for

    quite some time now and I hope I can finally find an answer to it.

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    Roaches. I don't mind spiders, but I'll run away from a roach..

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    Having roaches worsens the condition of people with breathing problems and or asthma.

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    Well, when they get into your house and find food they reproduce like crazy. They infest everything containing food, and they are literally filthy with diseases.

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    They are all members of the infamous "Cult of the Roach". If you don't have them exterminated, they will summon the Uberoach which will possess your body and cause you to dance the macarena uncontrollably.

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