Where to great advice in regards to grad school? And which MBA to choose?

Hey everyone! Where to get great advice on choosing grad schools that have a respected MBA program. AND which MBA focus has a shortage of jobs meaning I wont have a problem finding a great paying job when I graduate? Thanks bunches :)

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  • 10 years ago
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    MBAs from these schools are typically ranked as the Top 5 (Harvard, Penn (Wharton School), Stanford, MIT, and Chicago). They are considered tops in educational/research achievements as well as in the salaries of graduates - commonly with large fractions of six-figure starting salaries, though that has probably changed with the recent drop in investment banking job opportunities. But one of the key reasons why the starting salaries are so high is that these schools typically recruit/accept mostly (some, ONLY) people who have at least a few years of Work Experience.

    Here's a couple of good sites to begin your research:



    NO degree, no matter how highly-regarded it might be guarantees that you won't have SOME problems finding a job of any kind when you graduate, let alone a "great paying" one. Most entry-level jobs in a career path don't pay all that well but they allow you to show what you can do.

    One thing to remember about getting a job and that is you need to stay flexible about the job, including the possibility of having to relocate to the position.

    Source(s): Wharton MBA 1975
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    i think of the question you're able to desire to think of approximately is what you will relish greater. it truly is all nicely and robust to decide to prevail, yet all the money interior the international won't help you in case you hate the region the place you spend your maximum appropriate hours. Do you perfer computing gadget/electronics stuff or...in spite of the fact that it truly is that IB majors do? With IB, you will possibly desire a 2d langauge to be rather valuable, so save that throughout ideas. Do you have a particular area you would be wanting to artwork in? China? Europe? It seems such as you have already researched your occupation potentialities ("the rustic will desire ninety,000 IT workers"). What approximately double majoring? I did it and it has helped plenty, yet i'm on a thoroughly diverse occupation song. I studied languages and psychology, now i'm writing my PhD and finally i will make my way into the artwork tension while i'm sturdy and arranged.

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