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Help with food allergies?

I have food allergies - eggs, tomatoes, peanuts, limes, grapes, mangoes, milk, soy, and black pepper. I was wondering if there was some thing that you could like stick into a food a figure out if it has eggs or peanuts. Those are the main two I have problems with.


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    chunky,you have to read labels on anything you buy to put down the hatch

    additives such as egg yolk,& coloring,eggwhites,chicken broth,liver sausage may have chicken,also check your pillow,it should be free of chicken or down (goose) feathers.

    a healthfood store is a place that will list all ingredients,or a worker could help point you to foods free of allergens

    do not take advil,tylenol,cough syrups for a few weeks.

    clean the house real good,if you have pets,send them to stay somewhere else for a few weeks,vacuum real good,use borax in warm water to wash floor,no perfumes,colognes,use toms of maine toothpaste.

    apples,grapes,plums,apricots,oranges, limes lemons,mangoes ,grapefruit,pineapple,bananas are from the same class

    as are tomatoes,black pepper,tobacco,red peppers,green peppers,eliminate these for a few weeks.

    the book I put in 'sources' may be a big help,,,,the project involves by trial end error,direct chellenge,

    first fasting for eleven hours on 8 oz mineral water per hour, for 11 hour 12,eat one tiny piece

    of your usual snackies or meals,wait an hour,write down on a chart,your pulse rate,changes in your physical state,increased pulse means likely a food allergen,,maybe you feel a bit dizzy,nauseous,

    you found a culprit,thats how it goes,,,,most drs are not much concerned at 'claims' of illness

    due to a food allergy,,,they are missing the whole picture,and have written off as neurotic

    patients who are crippled for years by food ,chemical,and animal sensitivities

    if your tap water is good quality,no chlorine,delivered to your tap with no plastic connections,stainless steel,or copper,no need to buy mineral water

    one ,or a couple offenders among the foods,chemicals may be the teetertauter

    that makes all the other numerous allergic foods even worse.Another common cooty found in foods,breads,pastries is YEAST,,,,this has been added to make bread rise for thousands of years,

    ,,a vitamin fortified yeast was added to US produced foods in the 30s,during the depression,as bleached flour is useless in supplying nutrition,so added yeast was thought to be a cheap way to 'fortify' factory produced foods.many people go 80 years on eating anything produced this way,some people get sick regularly in dozens of ways,with ear infections bronchitis,arthritis

    and all sorts of immune disorders,,,everything from vaccine additives,to animals fed antibiotics,growth hormones, toxis metals,petrochemicals, formaldehydes,,dyes in polishes, soaps,toothpaste get in foods,in the air,are put into building materials,,,the net effects on a good portion of humanity are often crippling,and leave you hobbled for years,in your case,the bronchitis,dizziness,fainting,likely has one or more among these as the cause/s.

    if your doctor has ruled out any 'serious' disease,this info might help.

    my opinion is that drs not willing to consider these issues,ought to be driving a bus

    Source(s): THE YEAST CONNECTION dr wm crook (funny name,but this guy was good) pub 1974,rev 1991,with a new chapter of gulfwar syndrome
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    I have extreme allergy symptoms to all citrus fruit, oatmeal, eggs and entire wheat. As a little one, I was once significantly allergic to cows milk. I outgrew that hypersensitivity in my 20's. Yes, you'll 'outgrow' allergy symptoms. I'm 50 and my meals allergy symptoms began on the age of five. About eight years in the past, I ate a few BBQ sauce that I did not recognise had lemon in it. I ended up within the clinic for three days! A phrase of warning: Many commerically ready meals could have materials NOT indexed at the label. By legislation, the brands don't ought to record an element not up to two% via quantity! Lemon was once no longer indexed at the label of BBQ sauce, however after investigating it, I learned that sure certainly it did have lemon, however an excessively small quantity..........too small to record at the label!

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