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kicker audio, mtx audio, or diamond audio?

i know these companys are not on the level

of say ascendant audio or fi or orion even, or t3 or digital design or mmat or incriminator audio or re

but these 3 companys above

and jl

are the most common and sense i dont have 400-1000 dollars to spend per sub

im going for the following

i was Planning on getting 2 15's mtx audio thunder squares for a total of 1500 watts rms run on 2 ohms

played by a mtx amp

in a dual Ported Box

in my Thaoe

are the thunder squares nice? do they hold up or should i go for kickers? a freind of mine had dimaonds and they never were to nice and always messed up and he had replaced them 2 times.. so it leads me to belive diamond audio hasent done much as a whole company

spl wise or anyway

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    go for mtx out of non top company

    kicker vs mtx and diamond and jl

    well jl's i think are overrated, overpriced, not common in a lot of comeptionts, and dont come in 15's or anything better. plus arent the best for ported boxe's sense you either run 12's or a 13.5

    diamond audio- hasent really done anything as a whole company at all..they make like 5 subwoofers

    all their subs are not top of the line, not a lot of places carry them. and you never see people on youtube with 1000's and thousands watts systems running diamond audio woofers..also a lot of times people just go for high end quality. and Fi isnt all that expensive or ascendant audio, the same company makes their subwoofer. go to their websites and you can see their made and found in same location some place in las vegas..also a lot of these top end car audio companys and car companys founded. a lot of times have partially owned or asset controlled by rich rich A## people. people or company leaders from fourtune 500 companys. these people or even fourtune 1000 companys find ways in every outlet of bussiness. kind of like Chrysler is know like 60% owned by the government, but Fiat also owns like almost 20% of their shares and stuff.. Fiat also runs a tiny part of Ferrari and Masserati..Ferrari still makes their engines, most desings, and does Scuderria ferrari still as thats what ferrari family does. but the bussiness is done by fiat.. Porsche owns VW and VW owns parts of AUDI if not all of it.. They are all companys within themselves, and VW makes engines for Lamborghini, the same 5.7 liter v10 that is in the lambo gallardo is in the audio r8..KNOW MTX audio, is pretty good and i would say the best out of these not top of the line.. they have at least produced the largest subwoofer known to man the MTX Thunder 1000000

    i belive it was over 60 inches

    they also produce 1 of the largest subwoofers for the market

    the MTX true 22 comes in 22 inch

    and the MTX JackHammer comes in 22 inches and 24 inches

    the mtx jackhammer 24 inch

    puts out 6000 watts rms

    1 of the loudest subwoofers out their

    only the T3 audio tsns- the old series put out 4000 watts rms, the new series puts out 5000 watts rms

    but can do a 30,000 watts max power handling burst tone

    and the Digital Design ddz- put out just as much if not more RMS or max power handiling

    the Digital Design DDZ- despite some critisim can play for music to, its not just a spl or burst tone..it sounds great with music.i have heard them they are amazing..but this subwoofer can Handle 6000 watts rms

    has has done 26,000 watt max power handiling i belive

    and has a rms of said to be 14,000 watts rms

    On their website

    they give a lot of detail for all their subwoofers.



    for the DDZ rms

    you got to call the company

    i have several times and talked to their workers

    and they know what they are taking about, the Sub dosent have a set rms..how is this possible well a lot of subs of course can play past rms but not safley, t3 audio is really great..so how is their tsns able to hit pass rms? well enough amps,and amp power, prossescors, and good enough build,wirring, and enclosures help..

    they basically designed this subwoofer so well that it is able to handle at least 10,000 watts rms for a whole day

    they have not blown the sub yet

    and why you ask? because so far what they have taken it to it hasent blown

    A guy hit a 180.decible with 1 ddz 18 in a truck that was only designed for music

    they have done world records

    MTX also makes the pretty good 9500 series

    which put out 1000 watts rms each and are pretty good

    next in line id say the thunder squares are good, alright..

    Kickers- some places do not carry kickers anymore, i live in florida and we have a crap load of audio shops and car places everywere. and a lot of audio shops dont carry kickers anymore, of course a lot of these shops dont carry digital design or incrimator audio or top line subs. but some do

    regardless i have only been impressed by the Kicker l7's those hit hard and are loud

    oh kicker tried to put out a really impresive 5000 watt rms subwoofer the solo x, didnt sell as much as the Jackhammer..and isnt as impresive

    at that the Jackhammer is worthless. because its so expensive it cost like 8000 dollars

    im sure a used 1 is like 2000 or something

    but basically no one buys those things

    the DDZ by Digital Design is only around 1000 dollars - 1500 thats really good espically for how its not 300 pounds like the Jackhammer is, and how it hits harder, has broken world records, belongs to a better audio company and uses better, coils, metals,and they dont need 300 pounds or so to hit 6000 watts rms or more

    that just proves MTX is behind ages in designs

    they dont have the ingenutiy to do it in less than 100 pounds

    they basically say overdo it

    its like they built a car engine v10 or v8 but made it excesibly heavy because that

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  • Lance
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    Diamond audio is actually better that Orion or ascendant audio the top on the line D series Diamond audio are competition grade winners, they have some of the best component speakers available next to hybrid audio which are the best bar none...next to them I would chose Diamond audio check out some of the best SQ installs that are winning trophies and you will find diamond audio always among them on many of these cars...

    Source(s): after reading some of the reviews I guess that diamond has gone down hill since a few years ago...says they are not as good as they usta be... http://www.diymobileaudio.com/forum/dumb-question-... I must be getting old cause I remember when CDT's were all the rave I bet you guys have never even heard of them???
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  • 6 years ago
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