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Why do folks have the audacity to call another persons gods and beliefs "false"?

Wouldn't that make your god sad, to think that you have all the answers?

Is that what we consider, "pride" and arrogance?



What excellent answers.

I'm an atheist, not that it matters.

I really think that it is a pretty azzholish move to criticize anothers beliefs in general as it makes the thousands of gods that exist for others seem less important.

I suppose it's also a matter of manners.

Thank you everyone for your input.

Update 2:

I still think that what is real to one, is entirely different to the reality of another.

We make up much of our "reality" every second of the day.

To assume that your reality concerning religious views are superior, that your god is more important than the next persons is , to me, hard to understand.

I wonder why folks don't have a more pragmatic point of view when it comes to questions like these, rather than, "it's either "x" or"y".

My god is better than your god type of thing.

Update 3:

But...If one believes 'x", then , does that not make'x" true?

at least to them, no matter how deluded or factually incorrect that belief may be?

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    This is based on the fact that most religions consider god to be friends and family. SO to their minds it looks like they have the secret ''way''. Good luck on finding one that likes you.

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    Because they can. Think about all the religious wars that have been going on a few thousand years. It's easier to be mean to someone else than to be accepting. Religion is a lot about interpretation. I've seen people read the same passages from the Bible and come up with varying meanings.

    I think that general good should be the goal and religion should be the method or the conduit. I don't care if you worship Buddha, Allah, God, the Goddess, or SpongeBob Squarepants, as long as you are a positive contributor in this world to society and others.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Most of the time I simply remind them that there is no evidence to show their god is real, and so no reason to believe in it. It's more diplomatic than "your god and beliefs are false."

    However, it is a fact that a huge number of religious beliefs are indeed provably, demonstrably false. That has to do with facts and evidence, not pride or arrogance. If a young-earth creationist says he believes the earth is 6,000 years old, he's wrong. It's not a matter of opinion, it's not a matter of belief -- he's wrong. When a mormon tells me his book of mormon is an absolutely truthful historical record, he's wrong. Provably, demonstrably wrong, and again it's not a matter of belief, he's wrong. It's a matter of fact.

    Lots of things in this universe are matters of opinion, preference, choice -- do you like chocolate or strawberry ice cream? There's no right or wrong answer to that. However, other things are matters of fact. The earth is 4.5 billion years old -- it's a fact. No Jews ever came to America in boats, built great civilizations, had battles with hundreds of thousands of dead in upstate New York -- it's a fact. I have no problem whatsoever pointing out facts when they're plainly and demonstrably facts, even if somebody has some superstitious belief that says otherwise.


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    This is assuming the person has belief in a different, distinct god. If the person is atheist, they would have no god to be sad.

    ...which ties directly to my next point. Yes, it is an audacious move. It is considered quite rude. A theist would avoid it for fear of being punished for their arrogance in the afterlife. An atheist would avoid it because of moral righteousness and a code of ethics that they, personally, uphold. I would venture to say that the atheist that doesn't question the theist is of better character than the theist that does the same for different reasons.

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    No, it doesn't. It might mean that the one who "died" (as Christians we assume there's no death, just a change) was needed more elsewhere, or he/she had done all that was required of him/her in this life, or he/she had worked hard and earned a rest. There are positive reasons for being taken. I understand, though, that a non-believing person could feel hurt by a statement like that, even if the hurt was unintended and was meant simply to credit God with the outcome.

  • To help people realise that their "god" is like a mirror image to fairy tale creatures, and to help them open up their eyes to see, and appreciate, the world for what it truly is, rather than clouding there mind in hopes of going to a fairy-tale land when they die?

    I can tell you what, I am proud to have become a atheist. Everything I see, I always question. How does this work, why does it act that way, why doesn't it act a different way, how exactly do atoms function, etc.

    Take a look around you and take in the beauty of it, rather than accepting some fairy tale creature popped it out of his finger.

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    Respecting the right of others to believe what they want is a good thing, however, there is no reason that those believes should be respected if they are not supported by evidence. This is neither pride, nor arrogance, its is rational thought.

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    Peoples motives, pride or arrogance is independent of the truth of God. Peoples shortfalls doesn't negate God.

    Your question assumes that either there is no God or that all Gods that are worshiped are real even when they are contrary to one another. Either way your position is untenable.

    God bless you.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    What a person believes for their individual conscious is of no consequence to me...however, it becomes my concern when they seek to make their beliefs part of political arena

  • 10 years ago

    I don't know. I assume that people want their faith to be the right one so they have a chance at salvation. I personally don't approve of anyone denouncing anyone else's beliefs.

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