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Sumo wrestling vs. WWE wrestling, who wins? If bout is governed by Sumo rules? By WWE rules? Any ideas?

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    My answer would be it depends. Sumo wrestling and WWE wrestling are very different, and the rules are divergently opposite from the esoteric and the exotic. Well, if you fight an ordinary sumo wrestler with an ordinary WWE wrestler by sumo rules, definitely the sumo wrestler wins because he knows the rules and the techniques of making a kimarite or winning move in the dohyo or ring, while the WWE wrestler would be befuddled by the rules and could easily be eliminated. (A case in point, while supposedly a "fix fight" would be the bout of the great yokozuna Akebono vs. Big Show! In a real wrestling match, Akebono would still defeat the Big Show, under sumo rules!). Under the WWE wrestling rules (if any) the sumo wrestler still has the fighting chance of winning the bout because of his intense training and discipline of sumo, although the WWE wrestler could conceivably wrestle him to the ground and win by some submission techniques. So, I would say, it could be an even match-up, although some odds could be with the WWE wrestler to win the fight.

    Under sumo rules, sumo wrestlers would predictably win, taking all odds in consideration.

    Under WWE rules, fight could be even, with WWE wrestler having a slight edge to win.

    But it still depends on the wrestlers fighting. Supposing you let the recently retired Asashoryu, a very talented yokozuna, fight against Randy Orton, in sumo rules, and I would bet all my dollars to the yokozuna, with apologies to Randy who is also my favorite. Or under sumo rules, you let Baruto, the ozeki, fight Big Show, then the gentle giant Baruto would easily defeat him, with apologies to Big Show who is also my favorite. Under WWE rules, Asashoryu and Baruto could give Randy and Big Show a big fight of their lives.

    Big question and good answers. Good luck to you.

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    Sumo wrestling vs. WWE wrestling, who wins? If bout is governed by Sumo rules? By WWE rules? Any ideas?

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    It depends on who is wrestling and what rules! If a sumo wrestler under Sumo rules fights a WWE wrestler, the sumo wrestler wins about 95% of the time, depending on the rank of the sumo wrestler and the quality of his opponent.

    Under WWE rules, it's about 60/40 for the WWE wrestler to win against a sumo wrestler.

    No rules, no holds barred, condition. It's a circus and a riot. But I will be betting on a sumo wrestler to win. Cheers!

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    Sumo wrestlers should win either way. Most Sumo wrestlers weigh over 500 pounds, and having a 250-300 pound wrestler beat someone nearly two times their weight is not believable. If Big Show couldn't beat Akebono, then no one else has a realistic chance.

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    Under Sumo rules, the sumo wrestler wins all the time.

    Under WWE rules, the sumo wrestler wins about 80% of the time.

    In a no holds-barred match, the sumo wrestler wins 55 percent, or the odds in his favor.

    Domo arigato.

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    wwe wrestlers would win,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    if the wrestling is conducted by sumo rules[sumo style] ,,,,,sumo wrestlers would win ,,,,,

    in a normal free for all [no rules] ,,,wwe wrestlers would win,,,

    just my opinion

    goodluck buddy

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    1 - Taylor Wilde and Sarita: "Saritaylor" have good chemistry and they'd be able to co-insist better than Michelle and Melina. Wilde is a better wrestler than McCool and Sarita is just breath-taking and leaps ahead of Melina. Together, Wilde and Sarita would be too much for the squabbling team of Melina and Michelle McCool. WINNERS: Sarita and Taylor Wilde, after their "Springboard Dropkick/Bridging Suplex" combination. #2 - Amazing Red: The Miz is the dark horse of the match here. He's good on the mic (but annoying) and has improved vastly in the ring, but that still wouldn't be enough to secure the win here. John Morrison is fantastic whilst soaring through the air, but his mat skills and lack of experience would ultimately seal his fate. Amazing Red is awe-inspiring. Simple as that. After all, he is amazing. WINNER: Amazing Red, after a Code Red to The Miz. #3 - Christian: This would be a great match. Christian is a terrific wrestler. He's just an all-round veteran. . Eric Young wouldn't go down without a brawl. Young would control most of the match but Christian would fight the fight, but would eventually fall prey to the World Elite. WINNER: After an interference from Sheik Abdul Bashir and Homicide, EY wins with the roll-up. #4 - Gail Kim: A very short match with GK having most of the offense, and ODB only managing a few stomps and couple of punches. Gail is a very underrated wrestler and the more seasoned Kim would beat the WUN DIRTAAY BICCCHHHH! WINNER: Gail Kim after a Springboard Crossbody. #5 - JeriShow: I don't care if you tout JeriShow a "make-shift tag team". You may call them a "thrown-together tag team". Dub them "two singles stars with nothing else to do" all you like, I love 'em. They have great chemistry and they are both always in entertaining segments together. JeriShow would just be too much for The British Invasion, even if they have Big Rob at ringside. WINNERS: JeriShow, after Big Show and Chris Jericho apply "The Walls of Clutch" on Brutus Magnus. #6 - AJ Styles: This would be a cool match. John Cena would be the showman of this match. He'd play to the crowd and taunt 'Taker and Styles. The Undertaker would be the brawler of the bout. And AJ Styles would be the high-flyer of the contest and the glue that holds the match together. They're all good performers in their own right, but AJ Styles' phenomenal (pardon the pun) skills would be too much for both Cena and the Phenom. WINNER: AJ Styles after a 450 Splash to John Cena.

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    WWE wrestlers would win, they are stronger than them and they have more balance

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