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Is this a singing technique?

Do you know what this singing technique is called? i cant really explain it. Demi lovato does it A LOT. For example, this is the link to a song that Demi covered.. Skip to around 3:46 and listen to the way she says the word "her"

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See how it sounds, like, i guess scratchy or kinda like her voice cracked? She does this all the time. Ive heard lots of other singers do it too such as Lady Gaga. Is there a certain name for it?

Olivia Newton John does it in the movie "Grease" too

Listen to the way she says "heart" at 0:59 and then again at on the word "heart" at 1:09

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You can only do it with certain words, mainly ones starting with "H". Does anyone know the name of this technique if it even is one? How do you do this?


Also, i realized that Demi talks and laughs kinda like that. skip to 1:50 and listen to how she speaks throughout the video.

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maybe its just her natural voice? but other people do it and they dont sound like that

oh, and sorry for using so much demi lovato. shes really the only one that i know that does it a lot

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    Did you know that Demi Lovato is my cousin?

    Serious not kidding!

    I'll ask her and get back to you.

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