What is the best experience you've had will all the zodiac signs?

Sun/Moon/Rising/anything else you'd like to add :)

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    TAURUS- my best friend and my first love... we all 3 had so much fun together. w/ my ex, the most fun was going out on his best friends boat every weekend wake boarding, fishing, getting drunk and acting like idiots. listening to his best friend billy sing and play acoustic guitar. and sorry if this is a little too open, but the sex. he was the most sexually compatible person i've ever been with, ever since him i've just kind of settled in that department, sometimes i would get the sensation that we were melting into each other... i haven't felt that with anyone else. w/ my best friend... there are sooo many, some too personal to tell lol. we just fueled each others crazy spontaneous side... we would meet random guys at the beach and end up chilling with them that night. we'd holler out of my other friends car to random strangers in other cars, which would embarrass the hell out of our libra friend who begged us to stop. lol. my mother who's a taurus is like a best friend too, we have the most open relationship i've ever seen a daughter to have with a mother. she know everything about me and my life, and she gives me the best advice

    ARIES- going camping at st. augustine beach with an ex, hiking, playing in the ocean together, going surfing.

    GEMINI- my best guy friend used to come over everyday and smoke a blunt w/ me and we would just sit outside and talk about EVERYTHING. Stuff like wishing we could live in america when it was nothing but native americans. we would fantasize together a lot. this girl i work with, but have only hung out w/ once out of work is a gem. she's quite open and funny, a lot like me... she made me laugh so hard last night. i love working w/ her.

    CANCER- i've never had any cancer friends, except for a guy online i used to talk to a lot. he was one of the funniest people i've ever met. he could make me lmao sooo hard. we've been cyber friends for 8 or so years now, we talk on the phone too sometimes. he's awesome, we want to meet someday. he's a new yowka and extremely intelligent.

    LEO- this girl i work with is a leo, we have so much fun at work, and she's an awesome worker. also, when i used to work at the gas station, there was a cute guy who would come in a lot, but he seemed shy, we didn't talk much. then on valentines day, he stood in line, and when he got up to the register he pulled out a stuffed teddy bear and a rose and gave it to me. he said he'd had a crush on me for a while because i'm always at work and i seem like a sweet, pretty and responsible hard working girl lol. but, i already had a bf, and was extremely loyal back then lol. he's one of those guys that i look back at and wish i would have dated.

    VIRGO- my sister and me look a LOT alike... when she was 21 and i was only 15 lol, she would take me to the clubs with her all the time. she'd go in first and i'd wait 10 minutes and use her other id.

    LIBRA- my other best friend is a libra. we used to talk about any and everything. get high and stay up talking and laughing all night long. we were very adventurous together, and very childlike, even into our late teens. when it rained we would go into the dirt road which was made of clay... we would sit in it and cover ourselves, like a mud bath. we would go into the forest where the creek was, and run around in the raining forest and get lost. we would make pottery out of the clay from the road. once her, her bf and i were going to the beach, smoking a joint and listening to sublime... i guess she had been going about 10 over the speed limit, and this cop came out of no where and pulled us over... we were freaking out! her bf threw the joint out of the window and she was like, "i have spray deodorant in my glove box!" , we rolled down the windows, sprayed the car... cop didn't notice, and just gave us a warning for her speed.

    SCORPIO-this new guy at work, he's so cool, i told him he's the first person i've met at work that i can talk to about certain things, like paranormal, conspiracies, psychedelics, music, anything.

    SAGITTARIUS: my dad and my sister. my dad is so open minded. we are interested in the same things, paranormal and such. My sister is like a best friend to me, she was born to laugh. best times with her were rough housing growing up. we have the ability to make each other laugh so hard we cry.

    CAPRICORN- some of the best times of my life with these people. went to the beach with a gf last summer and got drunk, then we went to eat, she convinced me to run up to this hot guy and give him my number (which i'd never done before cause i'm a bit shy). she fueled my funnyness. half the things i said she would whip out her phone and be like, omg i have to quote that of facebook! my ex, who we just broke up last week, amazing times with him. best intellectual connection i've ever had, but lack of intimacy. we went to school four a lot (supposedly haunted) here's some pics:http://marlamartian.deviantart.com/ ... i called them orbs, but my mom is probably right... just dust. one of our most memorable times was a mushroom trip where we listened to this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiieogl-r4I

    Youtube thumbnail

    ,held each other and cried together lol. we liked to go hiking and shooting sh!+ up too w/ his 22" rifle.

    AQUARIUS- my 3rd best friend... we went to indie rock clubs a lot, and old retro clubs.. she was the most open minded person i've ever met. we were addicted to the ouijja board together. she's one day older then me.

    Source(s): pisces- remember the story where i ran up and gave a guy my number? lol. yep this is him! he called me that night and he ended up being my bf for a while. we are still good friends, always will be, in fact we hung out last week and went fishing. gosh we had a lot of fun times together. we wrestle a lot.. lol. we both have venus in aries so we're both kind of aggressive, but we have fun doing it. he' the first one who took me to that school. him and his friends are so hyper, when i would hang out with them we would end up moshing and wrestling, listening to heavy metal music. so glad i got the courage to give him my number!!! aqua/leo/cancer
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    Aries - My current boyfriend. He's really really really sweet (Pisces influenced) He's not too aggressive or anything and he always checks with me. We have a lot of similar interests such as our music tastes. I can tell him anything, he's also my best friend. :)

    Taurus - My stepdad is a Taurus. He's the most hilarious person in the whole world. I can joke around with him, about anything. He's really laid back and most peoples dream dad. He doesn't mind if my friends and I swear or anything around him. I actually don't even mind if he comes around when my friends are around.

    Gemini - I haven't really ever been too close with one, but I've had a lot of fun with a few that I know. One kid can play the guitar real well.

    Cancer - My grandma is a triple cancer. she's very sensitive and sweet. She cares about everything and always wishing that we're there with her. She's getting very old now :( and slowing down but she's still got her spirit in her. I used to live near her. and when I was little, I would always go over to have sleepovers. We would bake cookies and watch movies, and we would play with her neighbors dogs. :)

    Leo - I honestly don't know very many Leos. (In real life) the ones I've met though were pretty fun. Honestly, the best Leo I've met was on here. (Don't judge) I can talk to him about a lot of things and we have a lot in common, it's insane. He's got great music taste!

    Virgo - My best girlfriend is a Virgo and her birthday is actually the day after mine. We pretty much have the same chart besides the moon and asc. I'm a Cancer moon and Leo asc and she's a Leo moon and Scorpio asc. I've known her for about six years now. I can tell her anything and we're pretty much twins. When we were at the same school we would always hang out, but I had to change schools. We still talk all the time though.

    Libra - I've never really been close with a Libra. I've hung out with them quite a bit. One kid who I worked with, he could play guitar and sing. He taught me the basics of guitar and we liked to sing together. It was fun!

    Scorpio - There's this one Scorpio I've always admired from afar. He is really shy and honestly a bit intimidating as well. He's very handsome and tall, but there's something more than that. Even though I've barely spoken to him.

    Sagittarius - They are bomb. I click with them instantly usually. They love traveling which I do too. They always make me laugh. I know a triple Sadge guy, he's SO SO FUNNY, he wants to travel with me around the world. I'd love to it'd be amazing.

    Capricorn - My mom is a Capricorn. She's always given the best advice and just, she's helped me with COUNTLESS things. I don't know what to say, but Thank You Mom. (:<3

    Aquarius - I like how they come up with the best ideas, and want to change the world. I really think they might be the ones to change the world. or plan it at least. I talk to a few Aquarians in real life. We do volunteer work together and we always discuss together. It's quite fun...i spend a lot of time with them.

    Pisces - My biological father was a Pisces. I always got along with him...We never really fought. We made the best plans, we were going to travel the world together, and that would have been around now, but I can't now. He's gone. However, when I am older. I will travel the world for him.

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    Im a Gemini and my first love was a... i don't remember right now lol but it was supposedly the most compatible sign for me and he was the most compatible Boyfriend i have had.

    Oh and i read my horoscope a few days maybe a week before and it said something good will happen relationship wise on the 9th or 10th of that month and the day we got together was the 10th. Thats when i started beliving lol

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    Aries: Meeting my boyfriend ;) One of my biffels is an Aries, too. He's in my class this year.

    Taurus: A really good friend of mine is a taurus and we went to different gardens... He kissed me under a tree... ><

    Gemini: My bestie for life! My hubby forever! My 2-days-older-than-me amigo! We always do the craziest things when we're toegether ;)

    Cancer: This chick I met a couple years ago is a Cancer. We're best friends now. She's awesome!

    Leo: Urg... my mom is a leo. The experiences are too violent to state here on Y! Answers.... :/

    Virgo: Never met one... at least I don't think I have...

    Libra: WOW! Brings back many memories!!! This kid in my class was a libra. I had a crush on him for 5 years. That was a record for me. And this other kid who's in my class now is a libra, too. I had a crush on him for 1 and a half years.

    Scorpio!: So many people in my class are scorpios! There are like 13 scorpios in my class. All of them are sweethearts, don't take it the wrong way ;D

    Sagittarius: This hilarious kid in my class is a sagittarius. He always does things to make me laugh. I love him... :)

    Capricorn: One of my best friends since 2nd Grade is a capricorn... we get into fights and all, but she's really sweet.

    Aquarius: There are a couple that I know, but I never really sat down with them and had a decent convo....

    Pisces!: My sister for life! My hoe! My *****! We grew up together since preschool and are still amazing friends today. I tell her everything.... she's the sister I never had.. :)

    Gemini Sun/Pisces Asc./Capricorn Moon/Gemini Venus/Taurus Mercury

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    Ok, gonna try to make this as short as I can LOL!

    Aries - Besides being one, I really get along with the women, and all the girls I have met from Aries Sun were like soul sisters LOL. Like we just "got" each other and instinctually knew what to say and not to say to each other.

    Taurus - They are AMAZINGLY loyal friends, and will always be there for you no matter what. They are also sensitive to other peoples emotions, and genuinely care about their true friends.

    Gemini - LOVE these people. They are so much fun and their enthusiasm is contagious; I get along with all I've met very well.

    Cancer - ADDICTED to these men; YUM! And the women are sweethearts.

    Leo - Get along fabulously with Leo men; it's like we feed off each other's energy and just have an instant chemistry.

    Virgo - Get along great with Virgo women. They are probably one of THE most loyal friends you can ever find. They can be quite shy but they will have your back more than any other sign I have noticed.

    Libra - They have great social etiquette.

    Scorpio - Get along great with Scorpio women; we have somewhat of a psychic bond where we can almost read each others minds.

    Sagittarius - SOOOO much fun to be around and I love how all of them have a go with flow attitude and don't care what others think of them.

    Capricorn - Get along amazingly with them. Love their dry, sarcastic sense of humor and how naturally confident they are.

    Aquarius - LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! They rock.... :D

    Pisces - They seem to all genuinely care about other peoples feelings.

    Source(s): Aries Sun Pisces x2 MM Aqua Venus Libra Mars Scorpio Jupiter Sag. Rising
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    I'm sure this is enormously tedious for most people to read but I'll have a go at it anyway, and try to keep it short.. heh.

    Aries: Just hanging out and playing video games with my brother when I was little. He used to always beat me at games, but I had so much fun.. I don't think he even realises how much fun I had with him.

    Taurus: Watching videos with a Taurus, relaxing. We shared a sense of humour so it was a lot of fun, really easy and calm.

    Gemini: I had a Gemini friend when I was a kid. We used to make endless jokes and laughed SO hard.. every day we went into school we would end up cracking ourselves up. One time we pretended to get married and wanted to know what it would be like to kiss, so we pecked eachother on the lips. Ah, I suppose we've been married ever since. He's grown up to be gay, though.

    Cancer: Gee.. now I think about it I've never really had any Cancer friends. I did know a Cancer girl in high school.. I remember one time we sat and drew little people and made up names for them. That was such innocent fun.

    Leo: Driving around with a Leo and another friend at night and hanging out when all the shops were closed. We went to a drive-thru and he was fumbling and messing around and we sped off. It was so hilarious, it still makes me laugh today.

    Virgo: Going for long walks in the hills with my dad when I was really little.

    Libra: My awesome friend and I sometimes went out in the early hours of the morning and just wandered about the city. One time we just sat down on a bench that was wet from rain, drunkards and homeless people on either side, and chatted for hours.

    Scorpio: Just hanging out with my mum. She's like a best friend to me.

    Sagittarius: Smoking pot in her massive old van and getting coffee afterwards.

    Capricorn: My Capricorn friend and I once decided to write everybody we knew Christmas cards. We wrote... wow.. too many to count. We sat in a coffee shop after school and wrote them. We even wrote the people in the coffee shop Christmas cards.

    Aquarius: My best friend in high school and I once went to the supermarket and bought coconuts. We wanted to see if you really could stick a straw in them and drink coconut juice out of them (turns out you kind of can, but there wasn't much juice). We walked home, and there was a massive storm. We walked uphill all the way home, the rain PELTING our faces, clutching our coconuts in our hands.

    Pisces: Making music with my ex. Actually doing almost anything with my ex, except for the fighting. Things were so fun with him.

    I have..

    Pisces Sun

    Gemini Moon

    Sagittarius Rising

    This has been an almost cathartic experience, lol. Thanks.

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    Aquarius, the same sign I am, has been pretty good. I'm really close to my cousin, Arturo,and he's the same sign as me (Feb. Aquarius too!) . I'm going to miss him though, he's leaving for Thailand to teach for a whole year with his partner,James. :-(

    Capricorn, a few of my relatives are this sign as well. My friend who moved to North Carolina is a Capricorn, (childhood friend) she gives good advice, doesn't take crap from anyone, and I miss her too!

    Pisces, a few relatives with this sign. My friend that moved back to Tennessee , was funny and wild! I miss her. Also, my grandmother who passed away earlier this year and I miss her so much, she always had smile on her face and was a happy go lucky person. I miss her so. :-(

    Aries, only two of my relatives are this sign. My best friend (sine my childhood), is an Aries, and she's really funny,smart, and doesn't take crap off anybody,plus she's a great writer. I admire her for being outspoken.

    Taurus, have a few relatives that are this sign. My guy friend (who I'd like to be more than friends with) is one and he's sweet, sexy, and fun to be around. I really like how grounded he is, plus he's very handsome and a great kisser!

    Gemini, also have a few relatives born under this sign. Gemini's are fun to be around and they are quite silly! My friend, Jessica, that I haven't spoke to in a while and she's one of the most craziest people I know.

    Cancer, have a lot of female relatives born under this sign. My cousin, Jackie, is someone I always looked up to when I was a little girl. She's fun to be around, is very sweet, and gives good advice too.

    Leo, a few relatives born under this sign. My friend, Krista, who moved to Las Vegas, is crazy, witty, she'll tell you like it is, and funny. She and I didn't get along much when we were younger, but that has a lot to do with maturity. I admire her being blunt and honest.

    Virgo, only three relatives born under this sign. I admire how organized and goal oriented they are. My cousin,Yvette, is very good organization and knows how to throw a good party, she should go into business for that.

    Libra, few relatives born under this sign. My friend, Sophia, is very sweet,kind, and smart. I admire her for becoming a police officer since that was a goal of hers since I've known her (7th grade is when we met and became good friends). I admire her for wanting to protect others!

    Scorpio, only two relatives born under this sign. I love how witty and ambitious they are! My Uncle Richard, who is a Scorpio is very sarcastic (I love his sense of humor), and a hard working man. I admire him for that.

    Sagittarius, a few relatives born under this sign. My Aunt Mary is the craziest (as in funny crazy) person I know! She doesn't give a damn about what people have to say and she's a strong woman. That's what I admire about her.

    I am:

    Aquarius Sun

    Capricorn Moon

    Gemini or Scorpio Rising

    Source(s): I'm an Aquarius.
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    Oh. My. Jesus.

    Capricorn - My cousin Alisha. We're like sisters and we do everything together. Probably when we got drunk and she power puked in my boyfriends trashcan, he was like "GO GO GO!" and she just exorcist puked right in there. It was definitely a memory. Now that she's getting older (she's 14) she's trying to fit in and stuff and she's not as cool as she used to be. She used to be fine chilling by herself but i swear she spazzes if she's not around someone every single day...it's quite ridiculous!

    Aquarius - One of my best friends was actually and Aquarius. Her name was Wendy, and she was the sh!t. She was such a hard worker, but that's about ALL she was good for...she was kind of an airhead! haha. we'd laugh about the dumbest things. One time we were drunk (i have a feeling a lot of these are going to be drunken stories) eating at a pizza place and these two girls straight up starting having a SCREAMING match at like 3 in the morning at the front of the pizza place. everyone just stopped eating, i swear to God it went dead silent so everyone could hear them argue. Not us. we were laughing our asses off. I have so many good memories with that girl and i miss her so much because we never hang out anymore.

    Pisces - Either Nikki or my cousin Kelcie. Nikki is more your typical Pisces...likes to get lost in a high, soft-spoken, hippie-girl! she wears long dresses, and is such a whimsical girl. I met her right after my boyfriend broke up with me for the first time, maybe about couple of days after it happened (he broke up with me for about 4 months then we got back together) and she would just talk to me like we had been friends forever. But if she had something else, like a party to go to, she'd do that instead. My cousin Kelc is the same way. But Kelcie's kinda different. She's really headstrong, must be something in her chart. She's a leader, and the life of the party. But i always kind of sense this sadness about her...like i always think she's pretending, or she's super-stressed trying to be so put together around her friends.

    Aries - My BEST FRIEND from Tennessee. Sarah. If i even tried to put all the memories I had with this girl i would fill up the whole page. She was like my other half and I miss her so much. :( I can't put memories because there is just too many! I admired her for just being able to let loose and have fun, she admired my ability to not give a sh!t what anyone thought about me. My best friend.

    Taurus - I don't know anyone who's a Taurus. :(

    Gemini - My cousin Kristy! (I have a lot of cousins) The only Gemini I've ever gotten along with. She's so cool and calm about everything, and has this air about her that just makes her seem older than what she really is. She's mature, and i love that about her. Me her and Alisha hang out all the time, it's always a blast.

    Cancer - My friend Desere! Honestly the most beautiful girl i've ever seen in my life. Megan Fox ain't got sh!t on Dee. She moved away and I miss her so much. We used to just get stoned together and go out all the time. We just connected so effortlessly. A lot of people made fun of her ( for various reasons) but i never did. Desere was such a good friend and everyone makes mistakes. She was such a kind and beautiful person, on the inside as well as the outside. I have a lot of memories with her too. Too many to list. I wish she still lived down the street. :(

    Leo - My wonderful boyfriend Tony or my little sister Gabriel. Both of them have such bad tempers, but they are the most wonderful, loyal people i know and I would honestly give up anything for either of them. Both of them are my life.

    Virgo - My friend Chris! My best friend. He was gay and got made fun of but i don't care. He was like a brother. Him and Sarah were my closest friends in TN, and Chris was the only one who bothered to keep in touch with me, besides Sarah over myspace. He always had my back no matter what, and told me everyday that he loved me. He seriously made me feel like I was never alone, even though that's always how I feel everyday. We always gave each other a shoulder to cry on and went to the BEST parties together! I hate how all my friends seem to disappear.

    Libra - Devin! from GED class! He was such a sweet guy. When I couldn't find my boyfriend (he was in the hospital) he helped me look for him. and i BARELY knew the kid, but he knew my BF, I guess they worked together. He always chilled and smoked with me, best memory? Smoking while taking our GEDs. Priceless!

    Scorpio - Elementary school friend. Unfortunately, my brain won't let me go back that far.

    Sagittarius - She's an aquaintence, but she's the only Sag I know...Morgan. She talks a lot of crap about everyone. But she's SO spontaneous and fun, it's impossible not to have a blast around her. Favorite memory? Skipping rocks at the creek stoned and rapping to Eminem...no music.

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    One day it said, you will meet your exact opposite, on february 14th 2009 he will change your life forever ( it was in seventeen magazine) and turns out i did and i am still with him to this day (: i cut it out and kept it lol

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