how america famous artist are supporting last terrorist of iran ?

newly mr rober deniro and robert redford said which are supporting one iranian artist which his name is jaefar panahi .so !!what happend ..?he is in jail but how iran can catch american artist we know k.g.b and communist have problem with american star but they know how can make hero ..that jaefar panahi was asiistant for abbas kiarostami which is now in cannes festival and this kiarostami said badly thing about sir tarantino we know kiarostami and other of iran are new marxist ..with a mask ..and we cant forget which american journalist can work easily in tehran ..and when american dimplomat were kikdnapped ..iranian artist were happy ..even when happend 11 september ...iranian artist were happy why american artist must support last terrorist ..which seems mr robert deniro dont know panahi biography ...i hope american inteligence service will be send all true to american artist ..take care ....about killers ....this mans with nice glass are terrorist ..and them fight is for power ..its not for freedom ..thats it ..and iranian communist artist are hate of u.s and every boy which is not soldier for moskow .and remember that iranian famous actor in un which his tears were for moskow and great tragedy for iranian artist is about moskow which why moskow have not power like last time do you like support iranian communist ..??they are american killers ......

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  • 10 years ago
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    Leave a message with the offices of Robert Redford and Robert Dinero to get an answer for this.

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