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Your thoughts on bullying...?

Personally I think it's inevitable. You may disagree with me all you want but I think that bullying is something that will always be around and there is no way of preventing it. I'm also sure everyone has been bullied and has also bullied someone else sometime in their life. Of course it's a bad thing but I think that it is something that people just have to put up with.

As I said, disagree with me all you want.

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    People get bullied in more ways then they think.

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    I think that children should learn to cope with bullying to a certain extent. When a person is simply picking on someone jokingly, it is ok. But sometimes people can take bullying too far and it can turn into a serious problem. For example, do you ever read stories about suicide or attempted suicide? If you have or do, you will probably find that there are cases in which the reason for suicide has simply been "not fitting in" or "being constantly bullied". Therefore, if the student feels threatened or depressed about the bullying, they should definitely speak up and tell someone.

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    i dont disagree with you, as much as i hate to admit it!

    Like you said bullying is inevitable. Unless everyone started to dress the same, eat the same, wear the same clothes, be the same size, same amount of money, there is always going to be bullying. An yeah i have been bullied for years now. An when i think back, i havent bullied anyone like i was bullied (horrible name calling, punching, etc.. but when i think about it, there was this boy in my tutor in yr 11, and he was well he was a little different than most people. He was a loner, had bad breath and smelled a little, and when someone made a joke about himi laughed, (more to fit in than becuase i thought it was funny) but yeah everyone has done that.

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    It depends on the person the outcome. For example, there are people, that the more you try to snuff out, the brighter they shine (corny, sorry), and there are people who just allow themselves to be crushed underneath.

    I've never bullied someone. Of course, I'm human, so I've said a few harsh things, but I think I made amends for all of them.

    But I agree with you. Bullying will never stop, so long as people are different from one another. Why do kids get bullied at school? They're different in some way, whether positively or negatively.

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    Unfortunately it always happens. I went through 9 years of it and it is hell. I disagree with it and wish people could learn to live side by side despite any differences in ethnicity, age, sexual preference or opinion. I also think it is inevitable though. It has always happened and will continue to always happen because we as humans are a savage species. I wouldn't say I have 'bullied' anyone, but I do put my hands up and admit I have done wrong to others.

    As the saying goes from the Kanye West Song, what doesn't kill me only makes me stronger.


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    I agree. Bullying can't be prevented. People are just judge-mental of others. Even if teachers get involved it will still continue. Like last year people hated me. Everyone would talk about me, start rumors, just make me feel terrible. Teachers found out and got involved, I went down to the counselor, the 5 girls that caused it lied, I was yelled at by the counselor and called a liar. They continued to talk about me too.

    So anyone can be the target of bullying. It sucks, but it's true. But now those girls have no friends and are such losers! Karma!

  • Bullying is pretty much in-stoppable. Like the bullies from my school, try to fight me, and you'll probably end up missing a body part. Bullying sucks. Simple as that, it sucks. It is something you have to deal with, but if someone hurt you in any way, would you take their crap? No, you'd defend yourself or go tell and adult figure. People will never, possibly, get along. No matter how old they live to be.

    That's what I got.

    A.K.A. I agree with you 100%.

  • I do agree with you. My school for instance, was giving us a "Bully Prevention" program in middle school and we all just laughed at it.

    I agree that it`s horrible when kids get bullied, but in the end almost everyone will have to put up with that at one point or another, that`s just the truth. You have to know how to handle the situation the right way.

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    I agree, it's nothing we can stop, however, I want to be someone who tries to show kindness to people no matter what. Now, this is extremely difficult with people that are annoying as hell, but I want to at least try to ignore them. You never know when people are at the end of their rope, and a little kindness might help in the least.

    But yeah, I do agree people will be bullied, for whatever reason, and it's sad their parents didn't teach them social skills and all that way it'd be less likely for them to be picked on. :\

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    Bullying may be a fact of life, but so is getting to a point you don't take it anymore. Bullies need to be stopped and shown you'll fight back.

    Never do we have to put up with it. Why would we want to?

    Bullies aren't as tough as they like you to think they are. I don't take bullying and dish it right back to the bully. Works for me!

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    It's avoidable and people can be above that. The bully has all the power to change it but rarely ever does. It'll be around forever..;_ylt=Aq...

    That's just an example of how common bullying really is and there's a billion reasons people get picked on for by others.

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