How do you salt peanuts and not have the salt come off?

I recently found some unsalted cashews in the pantry and I would like to eat em salted. When I salt them with regular table salt; however, the salt just comes off and settles at the bottom of the cut. If I take one out or try to shake/mix the entire thing, the salt just separates. Is there any culinary medium by which I could get the salt to stick to the cashew?

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    Take the amount of peanuts needed to be salted.

    2.Take a cup of white salt (common cooking salt).

    3Heat the salt in a Pan.

    4Add peanuts to the salt.

    5Keep shaking the pan to avoid overheating.

    6When you notice the color of the salt change, take out the peanuts and not the salt.

    7Repeat to add more peanuts to the heated salt to get crispy and salted peanuts ready.

    8Take caution to ensure that the salt doesn't get over-heated, as it can over-roast the nuts.

    9Your salted and roasted peanuts are ready when cooled off in a container

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    How To Salt Peanuts

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    Put the nus in a jar. Add a wee bit of oil. Now add salt as per taste. Shake and eat.

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    Hope this helps!

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