is lil wayne in jail?

is lil wayne in jail or whats up with the situation?

some facts would be great like CNN and so on.

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    Yes Lil Wayne is in jail. Lil Wayne was scheduled to start his jail sentence on February 9, but due to his dental surgery, he was then rescheduled to report to jail on March 2, after he recovered. Lil Wayne had an eight-hour procedure, in which he had eight root canals, had his signature grill worked on, several tooth implants redone, more tooth implants added, and his real teeth repaired. His lawyer said that "The dental surgery had been planned prior to his court date, but was postponed because his dentist was out of the country on a charity mission in Nicaragua." Lil Wayne was rescheduled to report to jail on Tuesday, March 2, but due to a fire at the Manhattan Criminal Court, his sentencing was rescheduled for Monday, March 8. The spark was started in the basement of the facility with smoke traveling to the lobby. Lil Wayne turned himself into authorities on March 8, stemming from his July 2007 gun-possession charge. In July 2007, authorities found a loaded .40-caliber pistol on Lil Wayne's tour bus in New York and Lil Wayne was arrested for attempted gun possession. Lil Wayne could have faced up to fifteen years in jail, but in November Lil Wayne reached a deal with prosecutors to plead out to a lesser deal, and in return, was only sentenced to one year in jail. He is expected to be released from jail as early as November 4 on good behavior.

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    Yes He carried a loaded handgun in his tour bus. Ya he went to jail

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    1 decade ago

    i know he was in jail... i don't know if he is still in jail or has been released... but he did go

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