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Should I learn how to use Microsoft Access also?

I'm really good at using Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. I don't know what Access is for. Should I learn how to use Microsoft Access also?

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    Access is a complex database application. It is useful for handling multiple tables of data. For instance in a business you have sellers, stock items, buyers, transactions. Or in a school you have teachers, pupils, courses, coursework, exams, grades, etc. all of which relate to each other in different ways.

    Access can build multiple relations ("one-to-many" relations) between different tables. You can design sophisticated user entry forms, reports, update queries etc. I suggest you get hold of a book like "Access for dummies" which walks you through the basics.

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    I have by no means appreciated the Access support. If you have to begin on the very fundamentals, take a look at a "dummies" variety guide. When I first began doing severe growth I bought Access Developers Handbook by way of Paul Litwin, Ken Getz, and Mike Gilbert. The pages are good worn in that factor. Well valued at the money!

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    Access is a small datbase program. I would suggest knowing how to use it, as it is becoming more popualr and it is ismple to use for small scale projects that require data management.

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