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Alice in Wonderland dress (not costume)?

I am looking for a dress that would go along well with an Alice in Wonderland/fairytale theme party. It needs to be in a juniors size and <$50.00. I cannot wear a dress that is much shorter than the knee or strapless/thin strap top. Blue would be pretty, but I am open to any color and style, as long as it is not revealing. Please include links for any suggestions! Thanks!


It does not need to be formal, just something appropriate for a party.

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    My suggestion is to go to ebay and search on "Laura Ashley blue dress" (or other colors if you can't find it in blue). The overall look and length of the Alice dress in the recent movie is very laura ashley. This one is the wrong size but you get the idea:




    or (this is the real Laura Ashley site)

    I think the Laura Ashley "look" is what you are going for. If you can sew at all, or have someone in your house who can sew, you can make alterations to make it suit your idea better -- I would open up and hem the sleeves on some of these. Be careful with timing though -- if the party is really soon, don't order something that will take a long time to arrive (note LA ships from England) or you will miss it!

    Good luck!

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    I never felt particularly scared by it, but the story indeed must have a hidden darkness as most modern adaptions of the story have been of the horror genre. If you enjoy being scared, you can try McGee's Alice PC video game. It's quite good but a bit dated now, so probably you can find it quite cheap. The game narrates the story of Alice, some few years after the Wonderland adventures, she's grown dark and cynic and now she must travel a totally twisted wonderland. Cheshire's Cat is particularly creepy.

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