What is with Bindi Irwin (happy pills?)!!!!?

Please please please would someone tell me why Bindi Irwin is getting away with all of this commercialised crap. She and unfortunately now Bob (cos he can speak I spose) have been thrust into all of this nonsense cos "the environment comes first and she'll do whatever she must". She's got her own show and was in a movie. I think that there is no way that her father would approve. I say this and it may seem harsh but come on she only rocketed to fame after her father died. But as long as she's doing work and some proceeds go to charity its all good.

She's lost my respect as she sports the khaki like she needs it but what for? Pancake ads? Steve was wrestling crocadiles when he was six. And from something like that keeping up an "image" was nothing for him as he just did what he did. On the other hand rereiterating the khaki "costume" point she must keep up her "crikey" mate image but she should start thinking what shes gonna do for a career cos this cute image is fading.

If shes the essence of her father then as an Australian I'm angry. After all of this I don't hate her I just think that she's been pushed in the wrong direction.

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  • Maddi
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    1 decade ago
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    Bindi was doing her own thing before Steve died.

    If I recall, he was filming something for her show when he died!

    She was always on Crocodile Hunter Dairies with her dad.

    She is a little kid. She's having fun.

    It's nice to see her smiling. She lost her dad and she is finding the courage to carry on his work and his beliefs. She knows what is right and she knows what needs changing in the world.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think she would have continued on with her dad as the son would when he got older. Thank God, someone cares about the environment. We will never know what Steve would have done. Maybe her mother feels that since she is a kid she can reach kids her own age. After all, adults are destroying the world these kids will have to live in. So, if they are taught at a young age it may help them, and the world, out in the future. So, who cares how the message is delivered, just as long as it is? Also, just because some child stars grow up and become phony, does not mean she is or will be.

  • 1 decade ago

    Before Steve died she had in her the shows and to be an environments. I think its great if we had more kids want and doing,acting like her this world would be better for them when they get older.

    I think people like you need to look back before Steve died and see whot she was doing then. She has just gotten older and wiser. And she has the the way to put her word out there.


    Steve RULES and Croc RULE!!!!


    I would be proud to have them in our country.

  • 1 decade ago

    Why do you care?

    Im also Australian but it make no difference to my life. Shes just a kid, let her be a kid. The ads and movies are already the foundations that will bleed away her childhood, so just let her be a kid. I wish I was a kid again.

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