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星星 asked in 政治及管治政治 · 1 decade ago

原來英首相不是 一人 一票選出??

原來英首相不是 一人 一票選出, 而是由小圈子互選!


香港只叫一人 一票就有市場, OK la!

Update 2:


一人 一票選領袖好D, or 一人 一票選政黨再由政黨分餅民主D??

英國人從不關心首相?? 否則為什麼還有人選小政黨如自由民主黨. 他們明知自由民主黨黨魁不可能勝出.

Update 3:



Update 4:

首相同英女皇一樣無實權??? r u joking??

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    原來英首相不是 一人 一票選出, 而是由小圈子互選!

    Prime Minister is technically a product of 1 vote 1 voice system, but instead of the vote is directly coming from voter, voter vote on their perference party and the perference party elected their prime mininster candidate.

    Usual practices was the chair of the majority winner would become prime mininster, there are two exceptions

    1.) In a Coalition Government, when the majority perference is allied by 2 or more party, those praty will need to reach an agreement on who is Prime Minister and who'svice.

    2.) In a Hung Parliament, prime minister are usually appointed by the hung party by strucking a deal in every party involved (Such as 2010 UK election) or risk parliament to declare the vote is powerless and a subsequent Re-election

    The traditional role of PM were usually,but not necessarily a MP who also have duty as one of the Minister Title (Such as Minister of Defence or Minister of Immigration) then hence the name Prime Minister (The leader of Minister) However, PM is not necessarily a MP (Member of the Parliament) is not always the case as demostrate by Australian PM John Howard, he was Prime Minister of Australia until 3 December 2007 but lost his MP seat to Maxine Mckew in 24 Nov 2007.

    2010-05-15 19:12:34 補充:

    Actually it's hard to say as it really depends on voter itself.

    Some like specific PM but not the party that PM belong to, or some like the party that represent them, but not like the PM that party nominate, it's very hard to achieve both to satisify all voters.

    2010-05-15 19:14:24 補充:

    It'sabout the case of you vote 1 and get all, or you vote all to get 1.

    But given the fact that law are introduced and passed by both house (Lower and Upper) and house of lord, i would say, Vote for party and nominate their leader was not a bad decision

    2010-05-15 19:14:35 補充:

    on the other hand, PM's just a representative of a country, does not really have any power to alter a country's politic

    2010-05-15 19:19:19 補充:

    I cannot answer you your second question as i did not vote this time...

    But generally it's a perference system and Lib Dem thistime is partnered up with Conservative Party, maybe their policy is more attractive than the labor government

    2010-05-15 19:19:43 補充:

    It's hard to say cos this is voter perference...

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  • mwl_r
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    1 decade ago


    請詳細一些你對英國的General Election的'小圈子互選'一詞畧加解釋 ? 我想你不會。

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