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部電腦有時做做吓嘢就會 Hang 機, 點解?

部電腦有時做做吓嘢就會 Hang 機, 點解?

some time on line, some times doing wors/excel work then it was automatically re-boot,

why ???

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There have tons of issue will drive this happen, the most common issue show on below:

    1. Operating System - have you update the OS patch frequently when it roll out. If not go to run a windows update to get all latest patch.

    2. Virus issue - have you got the latest virus definition on your system. If not do it now.

    3. Windows failure - system file corrupt. try to put in the operating system disc and boot from the disc and repair the Operating system.

    4. Hardware issue - RAM, Hard disk (Read & Write) failure try to use a diagnostic software to check the system hardware are they operating normally. You might have it when you purchase a manufacturer system (e.g HP, lenovo & dell)

    Hope the information help!


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