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    I am now 32-year-old, married for 5 years, and a 3-year-old boy. Since we have our own families before they can appreciate the hard work of parents. My wife was a draftsman, she is a graduate of the Cartographic Section, a decade-long work experience, the use of software is AUTOCAD, so drawing that connection, she is my very good backing. We pay the mortgage on their own, a family, until now, all have plans to achieve their goals sequentially, although very painful, but life was very happy.

    I learned that the automotive vocational subjects and specialist subjects learned that the machine, so I have both considerable expertise; also because of past experience, has considerable expertise. At work, I focus particularly vulnerable to the "problem" which, such as failure of Cha Xiu, institutional design problems, the problems faced by customers, or even dismantle dismantle like yourself installed, whenever the same time solve the problem , will be a sense of accomplishment. Therefore, to solve problems independently, or the nature of such work makes me a pretty good race.

    For the field of mechanical Zhege top of the aforementioned's professional skills, since there is a considerable degree of quality that in addition, these two aspects of mold and drawing She Ji, really involved in work experience Dangzhong the Bu Fen Lue shallow, so in addition to mapping software self-education, the work in this area if there will actively seize the opportunity, including the design of the structure of the stress level which, material change, or even cost-effectiveness and acceptance, are all I have to strengthen the part I believe that the completion of objectives, this will be my professional technology a big step forward.

    In my career, I am glad to have access to Dale Carnegie training course, and the highest achievement award, when I was on TV and get recognition, not only outside the inner heartfelt gratitude, more positive to tell you

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