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誰能提供一下這大學的 托福 GRE GPA 入取資格


Update 2:


只說托福要550 還是舊托福 那新托福要多少?

GRE跟GPA完全沒提到 這有可能嗎?


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    學校官網看ㄧ看吧. 有些學校會在admission下面, 有些學校會標明在graduate school的program下面...要到美國念書, 這個功課是要起碼有辦法自己做.

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    有些學校研究所的確不需要GRE, 但是大多不是好學校. 不建議去浪費錢.

    官網上講的很清楚, GRE的要求由各系所自行規定.

    "Please visit the Graduate

    School web site for program addresses, deadlines, and additional

    information. Deadlines and requirements may differ for each program."


    applicants must meet the following criteria established by the Joint


    An appropriate bachelor’s degree (biomedical, chemical,

    electrical, mechanical, or others as defined by the Joint Program);An undergraduate GPA of at least 3.00;Acceptable scores on the GRE.Applicants whose native language is other than English must

    score at least 550 (or 210 computer-based) on the Test of English as a

    Foreign Language (TOEFL).These are the minimum program admission requirements. Meeting minimum

    requirements does not guarantee admission into the Joint Program.

    Applicants are further advised that the department reserves the right to

    deny some applications for admission because of limited availability of

    faculty or physical facilities to accommodate the applicant’s research

    interests. In unusual circumstances where the above admission

    requirements cannot be met, an applicant may seek exceptions by

    contacting the Coordinator of Graduate Studies for the Joint Program. 你是要念什麼系? 應該就道該系網站去找 admission requirement.

    你這樣整個網站翻譯, 學不到英文.

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