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    雙叟咖啡館的老主顧,以詩人作家眾多,而享有盛名。哲學家沙特(Jean-Paul Sartre)和文學家西蒙波娃(Simone de Beauvoir)經常出入於此;畫家畢卡索、超現實主義學者如提歐雷(Elsa Triolet)、紀德(Andre Gide)、吉拉杜(Jean Giraudoux)、普維(Jacques Prevert)、海明威等,都是雙叟咖啡的座上客。


    From 1875 years, the coffee house of double old men becomes favorite of Paris scholar and artist. It is the novel article shop originally to be early, and then just change into a coffee house. And ' double old men ' are called ' double old men ', lie in its coffee house is above the roof beam post, sit up straight two transport China wood carving old man that come over. The old man in robe has already more than circumstances of one century since here in 1885 years. So far, double old men are still the coffee house worth most visiting of left bank of river.

    Regular customers in the coffee house of double old men, Israel poet and writer are numerous, and famous.Philosopher's Saudi Arabia (Jean-Paul Sartre) With the wave baby of writer Simon (Simone de Beauvoir) Often come in and go out herein; If the scholars of painter Picasso, surrealism mention Ou and Ray (Elsa Triolet) , discipline Germany (Andre Gide) , lucky to draw Du (Jean Giraudoux) , general to link (Jacques Prevert) , Hemingway,etc., Dr.eye: double old man guest of honour of coffee.

    The wave baby of Simon had written in the diary: ' I sit in the coffee house of double old men, eyes stare at the blank sheet of paper on the coffee table. The coffee house will certainly live in a lot of Miao of inspiration think of goddesses. And graceful Germany of ear wears the church (St-Germain-des-Pres) on holy day when it faces Bury a flute of cards and become a hot sight-seeing resort too.

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