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YICHEN asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

能幫幫忙一下 , 這些是什麼意思 ?

The results suggest that there are complex dynamics associated with being a fan. Although this study represents an important first step toward understanding fan-related behavior, further research needs to be conducted. For example, researchers could investigate the role that social connections play in forming and maintaining a ‘fan’ identity. Avid fans are more likely to discuss aspects of their team frequently with others and seek out social settings in which discussion of their team is of interest to others. As Hoelter (1983) maintains, identity salience is effected positively by the number of social connections tied to a role. As a result, interpersonal relationships con-tingent upon a ‘fan’ identity for identity related social connections that may enhance the salience of the identity. An exploration of the impact that social connections have on fan-related behavior may be useful in understanding these complex phenomena. Do social connections act as antecedents to in-volvement, attachment, and identity salience or do they play some other role?

Future research could also explore identity-related products. A ‘fan identity’ may be related to large set of products (i.e., shirts, flags, cups, license plate frames, etc.) since they are often highly visible, the use of iden-tity related products provide cues that may enhance identity salience (Belk, 1988; Wicklund and Gollwitzer, 1982). Research suggests that products are of-ten most important to novices as these products send signals to others re-garding identity related behaviors. Take for instance the novice fan that has all of the fan paraphernalia to assure that he/she ‘looks the part.’ Wicklund and Gollwitzer (1982) refer to these phenomena as symbolic self-completion. It may be interesting to explore the role that identity related products play in fan identity formation and maintenance. An exploration of avid fans’ team related product sets would be interesting to explore.

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    結果表明,有複雜的動態關聯是一個迷。雖然這項研究是一個重要的第一步理解球迷對有關的行為,需要進一步進行研究。例如,研究人員可以探討社會關係發揮作用,形成和保持一個'迷'的身份。狂熱的球迷們更可能對他們的團隊討論方面經常與他人和社會環境中尋求中討論他們的球隊是對他人的利益。由於赫爾特(1983)維護,身份突出,是實施積極的社會關係數量綁到一個角色。因此,人際關係 CON組,tingent在一個'迷'的身份認同有關的社會關係,可能提高的顯著的標識。探索一種社會關係的影響,對風機相關行為可能有助於理解這些複雜的現象。你的社會關係作為先例,在- volvement,扣押,以及他們的身份突出,或玩一些其他的角色呢?


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