Which car is better to buy ? Merc or toyota or BMW ?

Hi guys, I am looking to buy a good second hand car . I have done some reserch and I'm down to 3 major choices . I like the mercedez, like the 500 sel or 450 slc, but I also like the toyota ( also known as Lexus) soarer or an old BMW from 1986 500i i think ? I want to put the car on gas too.

Thanks for any advice, Cheers.

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    If by better you mean reliable (that is, relative infrequency of reported serious problems), the Lexus wins. Here are the 2010 overall Auto Reliability GPAs (on the standard scale of 0.00 to 4.00) of the three lines:

    Lexus: 3.30 (a solid B)

    Mercedes-Benz: 1.66 (a rather low C)

    BMW: 1.64 (another rather low C).

    And for comparison, here are the 2010 overall Auto Reliability GPAs of two additional lines:

    Honda: 3.67 (an A)

    Toyota: 3.53 (a low A).

    And if you purchase something from the 1980s, it may be best to select a Toyota.

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    Bmw and mercedes are not good long lasting vehicles and are expensive to repair. The toyota is the best choice out of the 3. It gets great gas mileage and is long lasting. If you get a Lexus the parts will be more expensive bcuz it is a luxury car.

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    I would ring some garages and find out how much they cost to service.

    My sister has a tiny little Mercedes hatch in England and it cost her $1200 to get a service!

    That should form part of your decision process (unless money is no object!)

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    Save your money. You'll look like a poser in any of those you mention. Girls like NEW cars, not 20 year old cars.

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    go for bmw

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