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Can anyone give me some tips on how to get work as a Freelance Web designer?

I finished my first design and the company I did the job for was very satisfied. The person who referred me to this job is upset that I contacted the company myself and he is trying to stop them from giving me the referrals I earned.

I was wondering if I could get some advice on how to get my own clients. I have been laid off for awhile, and can't afford to invest at the moment. I just need to get another job so that I can pay for my own Domain.


thanks for the information.

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    Here's what I did! I never made a lot of money at it. That dosen't mean that you can't. I started doing it as a hobby for myself using free sites. (free is the big word) GoDaddy and places like that. I bought a decent camera. I coded some free sites for friends across the country! Didn't cost me anything except my time. That was my investment! Just some time.

    Then I would visit some bars, resturants, corner stores with my laptop and show the owners what I could do. Any kind of business. They all need websites in this age! If you give them a fair price and down the road updates.... You can make a couple hundred bucks for 2 hours worth of work in the evening.

    Don't expect that to happen every day! Like I said. You may be able to make more than I did! Let youe imagination rule your life! The more people you sell yourself too. The more money you will make. Soon those people will be recommend you to their friends.

    Be honest, do a good job and Kickass on the others!

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