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I have a Septate Hymen?

Im 14 years old and I just found out I have a septate hymen. It says to get it removed I have to go to to doctor and have it surgically removed. But im very self conscious and i really dont want to tell my parents let alone have anyone perform surgery down there. is there something else I can do?


It is kind of obvious.. Ive been reading about it on the internet. Its a band going across your... hole.. from one side to the other so it looks like its separated into two at first glance.

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    How do you know that you have a septate hymen if you haven't been examined down there by a doctor? You will need a doctor to examine it first to see how it is to be removed. You should NEVER attempt to do it yourself, this can cause damage and an unwanted nasty infection.

    EDIT- o.k well if you are sure you have it, then you need to go to your doctor or nurse about it.

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  • 10 years ago

    You can always wait till you are 18. Not like anyone is going to see it. And use pads instead of tampons. If this is all good just wait till you are older.

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