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What Linux version should I get?

I just bought a custom laptop, that has 2 hard drives (both 256 GB Solid State Drives.) Windows 7 is coming pre-installed on one of the SSDs and I would like to install a version of Linux on the other. I would like to know (from your personal expierence) what version of Linux is the best. I have never used Linux before, so please decribe why it is the best. I have herd of Ubuntu, and LXDE, but I want to know of any other free versions, that contend with them.


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    Here are some options for installing or trying out Linux

    Option One (Full installation)

    I thoroughly recommend Linux Mint 8 Main Edition which is built upon Ubuntu 9.10 Its easy to install and easy to use plus it comes with much of the software you are likely to need preinstalled

    Linux Mint 8 Download


    The Perfect Desktop - Linux Mint 8 (Helena) Installation


    Linux Mint 8 Helena User Guide


    You download the ISO. image of Linux Mint 8 then you need to create a Bootable LiveCD for installation

    Linux Mint 8 can also be run direct from the LiveCD from Booting up without touching your Hard Drive

    Option Two (Install Linux inside Windows)

    Installing Ubuntu as a dual-boot with Windows without partitioning


    You keep Windows as it is, Wubi only adds an extra option to boot into Ubuntu. Wubi does not require you to modify the partitions of your PC, or to use a different bootloader, and does not install special drivers. It works just like any other application.

    Wubi keeps most of the files in one folder, and if you do not like it, you can simply uninstall it as any other application.

    Boot in to windows insert the Ubuntu 10.04 LiveCD and you will offered the option of installing inside windows which is where the Wubi installer comes in, you will be asked how many gigabytes you wish to allocate to Ubuntu (I recommend 8gb) then you set a password for your installation then click install and thats it.

    Once Ubuntu is fully installed upon starting your PC you will be given a choice of which operating system you want to use Windows or Ubuntu

    Ubuntu 10.04 Download


    Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) User Guide


    Linux Mint 9 has a similar feature called mint4win and the directions given above for Wubi can be followed


    Linux Mint 9 Download


    Ubuntu 10.04 and Linux Mint 9 can also be run straight from the LiveCD without touching your Hard drive

    Option Three (LiveCD)

    Here the possibilities are endless as you can try out as many different Linux distros. until you find the one thats right for you DISTROWATCH.COM gives full listings (second lists the major distributions)


    Major Linux Distributions



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    I would have to say that Linux Mint is the best one that I have used. The version I am using now is Mint 7, but Mint 9 LTS will be released by the end of the month.

    I tried several different linux distributions before settling on Mint. I have been using it since Mint 5.

    It is easy to use, since it is very similar to Windoze, but it is much more customizable.

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    Linux Mint or Ubuntu. I even have used the two and that they are super alternatives to domicile windows or Mac OS. Ubuntu has the cohesion laptop. With Linux Mint, you are able to % the Cinnamon, KDE, Mate, or Xfce interface.

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    I would recommend the following Ubuntu... I just launched this and give yourself an hour or two -- ALL automatic one click install flawlessly..... Ubuntu is Debian based (strongly recommended of the Linux flavors)

    Wubi Ubuntu Installer


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    You might want to go with a distro running KDE. It's said to be a bit more Windows-like, making the transition easier for you.



    Linux Mint (KDE)


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