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are you up to the naming challenge? warning: very long. points to whoever answers them all.?

writing a book. any help with character names.

1. rich girl - nice to some people (her friends) but cruel to everyone else. she dies. *about 15*

2. creative independent - girl who does things her own way, sort of tom boy, basketball, track, friends, is very rebelious. (i was thinking maybe danielle, but other suggestions would be nice) *about 15*

2a. mom of 2 - divorced, isn't used to fancy living but loves it, mean to 2 *thinking Jeanine*

2b. dad of 2 - divorced, kids visit him, doesn't make tons

2c. step dad of 2 - previously divorced, rich, treats his new wife to fancy things *thinking Grayson*

2d. step mom of 2 - fake, mean, evil step mother type, young, bratty kids of her own from boyfriend, using dad for money, thinks she is perfect/hot

2e. son of 2a and 2b *seventeen* into sports (thinking Aaron)

2f. daughter of 2a and 2b *sixteen* into dancing hiphop (thinking Amy)

2g. daughter of 2a and 2b *eleven* baby, daddy's girl, princessy

2h. daughter of 2c *seventeen or eighteen* smart, know it all, hates 2 (thinking Madison)

2i. son of 2c *sixteen* into video games, x-box, grand theft auto, computers, cell phone

2j. son of 2c. *same age as 2* plays guitar, loves music and expessing himself, best friends with 2

2k. son of 2c. *ten* basic kid, not too bratty, loves trucks, and construction

2l. daughter of 2c. *three or four* loves 2, is a cute as can be, very sweet (thinking Violet)

2m. son of 2d. *thirteen* bratty football preppy thinks he is so cool

2n + 2o. twin daughters of 2d *seven* bratty i want the world type, names that fit together, either rhyme or start with same letter, please not Neaveh and Heaven


3. adventerous explorer - girl who loves exploring new things, family has moved around a lot, named after the place she was born in -which i don't know yet- (thinking sydney like austrailia?) *15*

3a. 3's dad. used to be very comfertable in his own skin, had a bad realationship with wife for past three or four years, now is very open to dates and such, hits on lots of women -please not named after a place-

3b. 3's mom. now dead. drown in accident in San Fran. sweet, caring, adventerous, bad realationship with husband past three four years (was married to him for 23 yrs tho) and not after a place please

3c. son of 3a and 3b, older brother to 3. emo style but doesnt cut, named after place born in -dont know yet, and like to be alone, like writting, writting poetry, art, music. (thinking brittain or brittan or britain) 17

3d. son of 3a and little brother to 3. young, adventerous, loves to see new things, free, named after place born, don't know yet

4. sweetie -sweet, funny, inoccent, or at least used to be. likes art a lot, and to paint and draw (Abigail maybe, nickname Abbie) 15

4a. 4's dad basic dad that just works normal job, comes home, somewhat of a family man

4b. 4's mom basic mom works normal job maybe teacher, comes home, cooks and cleans

& jobs for 4a and 4b apprieciated

4c. sibling? should she have one or several or none? if so age ideas, name ideas, and what they are like ideas? basically a free for all.

5. sporty tom boy- obsessed with sports, soccer, basketball, track, swimming, lacross (maybe Jaycee) 15

5a. 5's mom, sports obsessed ballet dancer and track runner

5b. 5's dad, sports obsessed baseball and kickboxing player

5c. older brother to 5 sports obseesed football player, not as cocky as the others (also lacross or are those two the same season? if so another tough sport would be nice) 17

5d. little sister about 12, plays soccer and dances, cutie and not bratty


names for 1's old rich friends (about 5 friends)

names for 2's guy friends (about 5 or 6 friends) hockey player is one, musicain is another, another musician might be her boyfriend, bad boy drug user another, emo suicidal, sydney's brother maybe

names for 2's girl friends (about 2 friends) not the ones listed above

names for 3's old guy and girl bestfriends (only 2 one of each gender) from San Fran

names for 4's grandma who comes to live with them

names for 5's aunt, uncle, and thier five kids (all sports obsessed, mixed genders, you choose)


thanks in advance, i'm hoping you people who are really good at names will answer.


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    1. Savannah Hartley

    2. Georgia Blake

    2a. Janine Richards

    2b. Martin Blake

    2c. Lucas Richards

    2d. Erin Miller

    2e. Gabriel Blake

    2f. Ava Blake

    2g. Adrienne Blake

    2h. Makenzie

    2i. Sawyer

    2j. Ethan

    2k. Colton

    2l. Imogen

    2m. Jason

    2n + 2o. Chloe and Zoey


    3. Sydney Anderson

    3a. Harry Anderson

    3b. Olivia Anderson

    3c. Devon Anderson

    3d. Austin Anderson

    4. Abbie Fontana

    4a. Robson Fontana

    4b. Samantha Fontana

    4c. One sister, Holly Fontana, younger

    5. Joelle Parker

    5a. Jade Parker

    5b. Joshua Parker

    5c. Jensen Parker

    5d. Joanna Parker


    names for 1's old rich friends (about 5 friends): Millie, Evelyn, Isla, Willow, Ruby

    names for 2's guy friends (about 5 or 6 friends) hockey player is one, musicain is another, another musician might be her boyfriend, bad boy drug user another, emo suicidal, sydney's brother maybe: Jared, Vinnie, Alex, Reed, Hunter, Kellen

    names for 2's girl friends (about 2 friends) not the ones listed above: Francesca, Lois

    names for 3's old guy and girl bestfriends (only 2 one of each gender) from San Fran: Henry Esposito, Melissa Kent

    names for 4's grandma who comes to live with them: Ivy

    names for 5's aunt, uncle, and thier five kids (all sports obsessed, mixed genders, you choose) Kathleen, Malachi, Levi, Joseph, Yasmin, Freya and Cody

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    1. Olivia Kristen Wells

    2. Danielle Jean (DJ?) Paxon

    2a. Jean Beatrice Paxon

    2b. Michael Marcus Paxon

    2c. Wesley "Wes" James Callahan

    2d. Christina "Tina" Rosalie DiAngelo-Paxon

    2e. Aaron Kyler Paxon

    2f. Aimee Nicole Paxon

    2g. Isabella Ruby Paxon

    2h. Madison Grace Callahan

    2i. Louis Tyler Callahan

    2j. Matthew Hunter Callahan

    2k. Sam Lucas Callahan

    2l. Violet Abigail Callahan

    2m. Bryan Jackson DiAngelo

    2n/o. Fiona Jade and Francesca May DiAngelo

    3. Sydney Willow Richard

    3a. Franklin Xavier Richard

    3b. Maggie Katherine Richard

    3c. Devon (in England) Adam Richard

    3d. Rome(o?) Daniel Richard

    4. Abby Michelle Whitfield

    4a. Timothy John Whitfield

    4b. Anna Penelope Whitfield

    4c. Oliver Benjamin Whitfield-- 9 or 10, wise beyond his years and bookish

    5. Hannah Leigh Cooper

    5a. Debbie Renee Cooper

    5b. Mike Donald Cooper

    5c. Ethan George Cooper

    5d. Lizzie Marie Cooper

    1's clique: Kaylee Collette Hodgkin, Jacqueline Raine Olivero, Annabella Charity St. James, Paige Analise Montgomery, and Bridgette Hope Gabriels

    2's: hockey player: Dakota Bentley Smith. Boyfriend: Charlie Harrison Monroe. Other musician: David Victor Rodriguez. Bad boy: Xander James Kristofferson, and Devon Adam Richard from before. Girls: Jayne Faith Scott and Corinna Marisol Montez.

    3's Zachary Thomas Hayden and Toby William Saunders, Julie Arabella Gregory and Vivian Lily Brooks

    4: Louise Dorothy Whitfield

    5: Uncle: Fred Jonathan Cooper Aunt: Peggy Therese Cooper Kids: Jude Ian Cooper, Samantha Claire Cooper, Erica Elisabeth Cooper, Alex David Cooper, and Amy Charlotte Cooper

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    1. Chelsea

    2. Jenna

    2a. Jeanette or Tess

    2b. Eddie

    2c. Graham

    2d. Carrie

    2e. Logan

    2f. Amy

    2g. Juliet, Julia, Julianne

    2h. Madison works. :)

    2i. Corey

    2j. Seth

    2k. Kyle

    2l. Viviana nn Ana or Vivi

    2m. Drew

    2n&o. Morgan & Macy

    3. Johannah (Jo-Hannah, After Johannesburg, South Africa) or Alexandria (Egypt)

    3a. Jay

    3b. Tara

    3c. Brittain a little feminine, maybe Juan after San Juan

    3d. Johannah or Alexandria

    4. Abby works.

    4a. Daniel

    4b. Sarah

    4c. Nope.

    5. Paige

    5a. Lisa

    5b. Dave

    5c. Nate

    5d. Genevieve nn Genny

    Q1: Becky, Daniella, Jordyn, Ashley, & Layla.

    Q2: 1. Frank, 2. Scott, 3. Jamison nn Jamie, 4. Matt, 5. Mike, 6. Liam.

    Q3: Jimmy & Serena

    Q4: Rose

    Q5: mom & dad: Erin & Carl. kids: Annie, Cara, Evan, Gabe, & Isabella.

  • 1. Addison

    2. Jamie

    2a. I like Jeanine

    2b. Adam

    2c. Maybe Grayson or Willard.

    2d. Vicky

    2e. Aaron or Kyle

    2f. Maiyah

    2g. Ciara

    2h. Casey

    2i. Jake

    2j. Jordan

    2k. Tyler

    2l. Violet

    2m. Bradley

    2n+2o. Julia and Jocelyn

    3. Maybe Sydney or Dallas

    3a. Dennis

    3b. Sarah

    3c. Brittan

    3d. Orlando

    4. Abigail or Adelaide (Ada as a nickname)

    4a. Joel

    4b. Elizabeth

    4c. 1 younger brother and 1 older sister. named Elliot and Melissa. Elliot is quiet and looks to his older siblings for guidence. while melissa is more of a ring leader. she always takes control. elliot could be about 10, while melissa is about 17.

    5. Jaycee

    5a. Susan

    5b. Damon

    5c. Clayton

    5d. Isidore (Izzy)

    5 rich friends:






    5 2 guy friends:






    either dallas or Cody

    2's girl friends:



    3's old guy & girl bffs:







    Aunt, Uncle, 5 kids:








    the one last name i could think of is Light for the sport-obsessed family. it just sorta came to mind. hahaha. good luck!

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    1. Lauryn Parks

    2. Morgan Cole

    2a. Gina

    2b. Paul

    2c. Anthony

    2d. Veronica or Natalia

    2e. Evan

    2f. Allyson

    2g. Kayla or Kaylie

    2h. I like Madison!!


    2j. Shaun

    2k. Caleb

    2l. Mckenna

    2m. Vince

    2n and 2o. Holly and Haley

    3. LOOOVE Sydney! Especially for an explorer

    3a. Nathaniel

    3b. Tessa

    3c. Blaine

    3d. Austin (like Austin, Texas)

    4. I like Abigail/Abbie/Abby

    4a. James - could be an architect

    4b. Michelle - I'd make her a teacher

    4c. Could be an only child - maybe a little spoiled, but still a loyal friend and friendly girl. Likes to be the center of attention and is really fun. Her name could be Lindsay.

    5. Jaycee is good, or Jayden.

    5a. Heidi

    5b. Scott

    5c. Alex - lacrosse is good, or maybe waterpolo?

    5d. Haley or Lucy

    rich friends: Kourtney Hartman, Shayla Johnson, Caroline Marks, Sophia Baldwin, Macy Lawson

    guy friends: Colton Daniels, Shane Thompson, Aidan Carter, Tommy Blade, Aaron Peters

    girl friends: Katie Coleman, Danielle Stevens

    guy and girl friend: Max Freeman, Hannah Harpor

    grandma: Grandma Betty!

    aunt, uncle, five kids: Robert & Shanna - Stacey, Rayna, Colby (girl), Brandon, Blake

    WHEW this took alot of my time :) hope it helped. Sorry for not giving alot of last names, I lost track of who all the families were. Let me know how your story goes!! It sounds fun!

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    1. Veronica

    2. Maddie

    2a. Tammy

    2b. Scott

    2c. Henry

    2d. Diana

    2e. Micheal

    2f. Christina

    2g. Marissa

    2h. Monica

    2i. Thomas

    2j. Johnathan

    2k. Travis

    2l. Kate

    2m. Jeremiah

    2n&o. Allison and Amber

    3. Catalina (Spain)

    3a. Jerry

    3b. Elizabeth

    3c. Jose or Joseph ( San Jose)

    3d. David (David, Panama)

    4. Abbie, i like it

    4a. Richard, Rick

    4b. Heidi

    4c. none, it would help develop her character

    5. Keegan

    5a. Stephanie

    5b. Ken

    5c. Max, and probably tennis

    5d. Katie

    1's friends. Benjamin, Philip, Kathy, Marylin, Andrea

    2's guy friends. (in order) Zach, Austin, Jake, Tyson, Patrick, Jose

    3's San Fran friends. Amy and Curtis

    4's Grandma. Francis

    5's aunt uncle and cousins. Jamie, George, Nicholas, Alex, Eli, Leanna, Carlie

    1's last name. Miller

    2's last name. Shoemaker

    2's step dad's last name. Ruisario (French)

    3's last name. Sanchez

    4's last name. Jones

    5's last name. Mullen

    I hope this is good!

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    Im really good with names, so hope this helps!

    1. Emry or Emery James

    2. Danielle (Dani) Bates

    2a. Lillian Mariner

    2b. Tom Bates

    2c. Gray Mariner

    2d. Tracie Bates

    2e. Tyson Bates

    2f. Kina Bates

    2g. Myla Bates

    2h. Molly Mariner

    2i. Andrew Mariner

    2j. Josh Mariner

    2k. Gabe Mariner

    2l. Violet Mariner

    2m. David Bates

    2n + 2o. Ava and Aslin


    3. Sydeny Thomas

    3a. Connor Thomas

    3b. Jenny Thomas

    3c. Britton Thomas

    3d. Dallas Thomas

    4. Lucy Kasten

    4a. Gary Kasten

    4b. Elise Kasten

    4c. Sister - Mallory Kasten *12* Smart, likes swimming, singing, acting, very sweet, and loving.

    Brother - Noah Kasten *10* Tough boy, likes football, ice hockey, and lacrosse, kind of aggressive and mean.

    5. Jenna Donovan

    5a. Lisa Donovan

    5b. Bruce Donovan

    5c. Brent Donovan - Lacrosse is spring, so its fine, maybe ice hockey or wrestling,

    5d. Maggie Donovan


    Abrey Lindle

    Hayden Carter

    Macie Tyler

    Tegan Miller

    Meredith Brice

    hockey player............................Patrick Grubb

    musician...................................Kolbie Beverick

    musician might be her boyfriend..Griffin Foy

    bad boy drug user.......................Micah Stein

    emo suicidal..............................Britton Thomas

    Ali Milroy

    Page Turtin

    Leah Weaver

    Hunter McBride

    Gloria Kasten

    James and Laura Donovan

    Grace Donovan

    Landon Donovan

    Brice Donovan

    Wyatt Donovan

    Talia Donovan

    Hope this helps, good luck!!!!

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    1- Cassandra

    2- Meghan

    2a- Michelle

    2b- George

    2c- Clarke

    2d- Isabelle

    2e- John

    2f- Stephanie

    2g- Samantha

    2h- Heather

    2i- Rowan

    2j- Haden

    2k- Tommy

    2l- Emma

    2m- Mike

    2n and o- Rachel and Rebecca

    3- athena (greece)

    3a- Christian

    3b- Margaret

    3c- scott (scottland)

    3d- Finn (Finland)

    4- Allison, nickname allie

    4a- Bill

    4b- Nora

    4c- Andrew or Molly

    5- Jaime

    5a- Christine

    5b- Dave

    5c- Brandon (By the way they arent the same season and Lacrosse has an e on the end)

    5d- Michaela

    ones old rich friends- Whitney, Andrea, Maggie, Leannna, Bre

    2 guy friends in order- josh, jack, aidan, ezra, mason

    3s friends- grace, nicole dan and tyler

    4s grandma- rosa

    5s aunt uncle and kids- Mary and Frank, kids kelly, lauren, patrick, kyle, jacklyn (jackie)

  • 1. Sabrina Rivera

    2. Aria Howard

    2a. Tamara Smith

    2b. Douglas 'Doug' Hay

    2c. Grayson Smith

    2d. Diana Murphy

    2e. Aaron Hay

    2f. Alana Hay

    2g. Samantha Hay

    2h. Carlie Smith

    2i. Jack Smith

    2j. Gabriel 'Gabe' Smith

    2k. Thomas 'Tom' Smith

    2l. Violet Smith

    2m. Bradley 'Brad' Murphy

    2n + 2o. Lacey and Macey Murphy

    3. Sydney Goodwin

    3a. Patrick Goodwin

    3b. Jane Goodwin

    3c. Peris (like Paris) Goodwin?

    3d. Chad (Africa) Goodwin

    4. Thalia 'Tally' Johnson

    4a. Gregory 'Greg' Johnson, owns a bait shop?

    4b. Katherine 'Kathy' Johnson, teacher

    4c. Wesley (4, Boy) and Leslie (4, Girl) Johnson Twins

    5. Carson Williams

    5a. Isabella Williams

    5b. Daniel Williams

    5c. Felix Williams Football and Hockey

    5d. Madeline 'Madi' Williams


    1's friends: Elenor, Gretchen, Lee-Ann, Veronica, and Sebastion (Gay maybe?)

    2's guy friends: Noel (Musician/Boyfriend), Dawson (Hockey), Justin (Druggie), Grayer (Emo), Liam (Musician), Peris (Sydney's Brother)

    2's girl friends: Rachelle (Ray-Shell), Jasmine 'Jazz', Nicole 'Nikki'

    3's old guy and girl bestfriends: Margeret 'Peggy', Alexis, Adam, Seth

    4's grandma: Marian

    5's aunt, uncle, and their five kids: Justine (Aunt), Roger (Uncle), Raegan 'Rae' (Girl), Josephine 'Josie' (Girl), Rowan (Boy), Jeremy (Boy), Joshua 'Josh' (Boy)

    I hope I gave good answers! The last names I just made up, I didn't really make them flow, here are some others:

    Harris, Jones, Moore, Andrews, Greene, Lawrence, Davidson, Martinson, Caldwell, Whitworth, Garner, Sawyer, Flynn, Monroe, Montgumery, Shields

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    1. Veronica Lane.

    2. Danielle or Gabriella Lavalle.

    2a. Jeanette or Lorraine Everett.

    2b. Lucas Lavalle.

    2c. Glenn Everett.

    2d. Jocelyn Fowler-Lavalle

    2e. Aaron or Caleb Lavalle.

    2f. Melanie Lavalle.

    2g. Brittany Lavalle.

    2h. Chloe Everett.

    2i. Bryan Everett.

    2j. Aidan Everett.

    2k. Owen Everett.

    2l. Rose Everett.

    2m. Chase Fowler.

    2n & 2o. Alexis Fowler & Angelica Fowler.

    3. Sydney Carmichael.

    3a. Jack Carmichael.

    3b. Penny Carmichael.

    3c. Dallas Carmichael.

    3d. London Carmichael.

    4. Abigail or Lucy Newman.

    4a. Christopher Newman -- job: accountant

    4b. Erica Newman -- elementary school teacher.

    4c. I think none. All your characters have siblings.

    5. Jace Hanover. NOT Jaycee.

    5a. Noelle Hanover .

    5b. Mark Hanover.

    5c. Shane Hanover.

    5d. Caitlin Hanover.


    Old rich friends: Ariane Meyer, Sienna Lee, Chelsea Pierce, Drake Orson, Tyler Webb.

    HOCKEY PLAYER: Finn Surrey; MUSICIAN: Brett Bailey. MUSICIAN2: Cole Sheridan. DRUGGIE: Clint Jeffries. EMO: Ian Cassidy.

    girl friends: Nora Whitby & Phoebe Hollander.

    guy & girl: Gemma Bane, Zara Neeson, Logan Shaw & Angus Drewes.

    grandma: Harriet Newman.

    aunt: Josie Hanover

    uncle: Richard Hanover.

    kids: Emma Hanover, Dara Hanover, Steven Hanover, Charlie Hanover, Liam Hanover.

    ....I feel like I should mention this. You are not going to want to hear it. But take it as one writer to another -- you cannot have this many named characters in your book. It will take away the focus on the main cast. Do not delve into all of their families unless it's absolutely necessary, and for god sakes, CUT DOWN the number of siblings each character has! You're getting bogged down in the details before you even start, and that's not a good sign.

    Source(s): I'm a fiction writing major in college, and I know this from experience.
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