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i just got my first dog today as a surprise,and its a baby pit bull its so cute! any advise?please!

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    10 years ago
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    Socialize this puppy as much as possible . Take it everywhere with you - socialize it w/ Kids , other dogs , men , women . loud noises, crying babies .

    Get a kennel "Large" is a good size- Up2 Date on all shots - start to find a Obedience Classes around you .

    Educate yourselfas much as you can about this as well as all the " Pit bull BreedS " -







    These websites will not only show you how to raise your dog - but the best food - toys - exercise - this breeds History - Law Enforcement APBTs and so much more ..........

    Source(s): Congratulations on your new American Pit Bull Terrier aka APBT Owner of 2 APBT's
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  • 10 years ago

    Errr someones surprised you with a "pit bull"? What breed is it? No such resisted breed as "pit bull" so I am guessing the american pit bull terrier or what?

    Do you even know anything about the breed or the requirements? Dogs are terrible presents and I think they picked the worse type for it.

    READ these sites. You need to learn how to property care for this dog or it will turn into a disaster. I know puppies are cute, but this dog is going to grow up and not be a cute baby anymore. I hope you are still willing to keep it.






    Source(s): Owner of bully breeds
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  • 10 years ago

    Crate training, attention and toys. Obedience training is a must from early on. I have had 6 Pits in my life, and they have been the best dogs I have ever owned, regardless of all the negative hype. They are not vicious, they do not attack unprovoked, and they are more affectionate than alot of people I know. (No wise remarks please.) Like all puppies, you have to teach him things. I currently have two pits, and thay trained well and learned fast. That's not to say they didn't chew up stuff. All puppies do that. Make pretty good security system too, since each one weighs 70 pounds. Wanna break into my house, go for it.

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  • 10 years ago

    a pit is no different than any other dog its the owner's fault if it is a bad dog and i have a pit and i got him when he was a pup and i just taught him the i was the "Alfa dog" and he became very loyal and helpful if you simply use treats and start with simple commands it will learn my dog is the dumbest thing you would ever see but he knows how to speak and whisper and shake etc. the only problem is i need to teach him not to run into doors ha ha.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Have your parents contact the breeder for advice. They should have told your parents everything they need to know. Be sure you never tire of the work, because most kids/teens do after a month, so all the work falls to the parents. Then the dog gets surrendered to a shelter. So always do ALL of the work and NEVER stop.

    Google crate training, raw meat diets for dogs/puppies, etc. Have the puppy neutered in a few months.

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  • 10 years ago

    I hope you're up for the responsibility.

    Be prepared for :

    Potty training your puppy. [ The key is patience, don't yell like mad or abuse your dog if he/she pee's and poops in your house! ]

    A lot of barking.

    Attempts to run away for fun.

    A lot of teething and biting random objects. [ put your valuables away ]

    Dramatic lifestyle change.

    Just know that a dog isn't just something just for show. It's a living creature that needs a lot of love and care.

    Some tips:

    Cleaning your puppy water bowl daily.

    Giving appropiate amount of food.

    Buy chew toys for your puppy. [ They love to nibbly on these things & plus if you don't have the time to play with you dog, they'll naturally have fun with a chew toy! ]

    Bathe your dog weekly or every other week. [ Don't bathe your dog too often or they'll lose their natural fur oil&ect. ]

    Walk your dog daily, too. [ If your dog has a hard time following you on the leash, ( believe me I had this problem ) keep him on the leash and not move or do anything and let him/her on it for 15minutes each day until he/she gets use to it and you can finally walk him/her. ]

    There's a lot more, but these are the basics. Have fun ! (: Trust me. Dogs make your life so much more exciting once they're potty trained&ect! (:

    BTW. How the puppy acts is usually based on their owner's action! And since it's just a little puppy, be a GREAT role model! (:

    Source(s): Taken care of my chihuahua mix since he was 4 months old as a 13year old, now he just became one years old! :]
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  • 10 years ago

    1st don't let people on here bully you. sure a dog can be a big deal but you don't need to study their whole biology before you get one learning is the fun part and you can't learn everything 4m a book or computer every animal is different. i have a pit named reggie who is not scary or mean hes just goofy. make sure you have stuff 4 him 2 chew on and don't let him turn ur socks or other items into play things it can become a problem l8r. they can get big 2 so love him but don't make him the dominant one. i spoiled reggie now i can't sit down without him trying 2 steal the chair. its best to keep him off furniture 2 or establish a spot that's his so he doesn't think yours is his. start obedience training asap pits can sometimes be hard 2 get 2 listen but they respond well 2 non-aggressive training like clicker and treat training. good luck! oh n don't teach him to eat at the table every time i go2 eat Reggie's sitting in a chair at the table wagging his tail waiting on a plate lol

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Congrats! Most people should own a dog, they're amazing. Take good care of your dog and watch out for your dog. I don't know what to really tell you but yeah.

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  • 3 years ago

    Did someone say dogs

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Your dog wont feel at home for two and a half weeks( trust me I have two dogs, they both threw up in my car and were crying for a whole week). Your dog will eat anything you leave out. Get your dog a nice warm bed so he/she feels at home and loved. If your dog does something bad don't laugh or it will keep doing it( like a baby). If your dog listens to you give him/her a treat because it is like dog training. Feed your dog,walk,and give him/her water daily. Love your dog!!!!

    Source(s): I have dogs.
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