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Are ballet classes fun to take?

I'm not a very social person, I would say. I want to take ballet classes to help strengthen my body and just for fun! I was thinking of ballet classes. Are they fun? Where can I take ballet classes in Queens, New York? Thanks!

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    yes, ballet is fun (: I think everyone should try it at least once. it's a good way to gain balance, strength, flexibility and it makes you graceful. I'm not in new york, but what I do is go to google and type in your town, then state and, since your in new york, a whole bunch of stuff should come up. good luck, you'll love it!

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    Anything can be fun if you have a passion for it, or even just an interest. If you aren't looking to be a pro, you can talk to the schools or teachers about the types of classes they teach. You might have less fun if you're in a class of people who're in this as a career. Sometimes community centers or places like that offer ballet classes, and generally they're less demanding (though still good, you can learn and enjoy yourself). Finding a friend who'll join you can also increase your enjoyment, though meeting new people is always good. So, yes you can have fun with it, I'd just try to make sure you find a class that fits your goals.

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    There are a ton of great places in Manhattan. Even one in Brooklyn that I know of and several out on L.I., But I don't know of any really good ballet classes in Queens. If you are close to the Nassau County border, there is Eglevsky ballet in New Hyde Park.

    It is a really good school. If you can make it into manhattan I could give you a great list of places to go (e-mail me)

    good luck! And YES. It is fun!

    Source(s): Academy trained ballet dancer (NYC)
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    Personally, I hate ballet classes BEFORE I go to them, but when I go, it is so much fun! I have no idea why... :/ But yes, they are really fun :D

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    Ballet is tons of fun. You just have to remember you have to be focused and commited to it

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    i don't know where you could take them.look in the phone book and there should be dance classes around there. yes its fun very good for the body.gotta be focused to catch on too. would be good for you.

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    They are a lot of fun but you have to be patient and committed. It takes a lot of practice but it's lots of fun. Its worth the pain it puts you through! :)

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    sorry, i dont live in ny, so i dont know. but yes, is is fun and it make you leaner, healthier, and fitter!!

    good luck!!

    Source(s): ballet dancer for 6 years
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