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AK, SKS, Or Ruger Mini-30?

Okay, the AK I want is an Arsenal SLR-107F This is exactly what I want. I like the muzzle break, and the stock, and I like that is is all black.

But, I'm finding it hard to justify spending $850 on an AK.

Other options: A Ruger Mini-30. I want a pistol gripped rifle, so: Rifle, $700, Tapco stock, $120, two 30rd mags, $50 Oh hey look! I'm at $870 again!

SKS: Rifle $300, Tapco stock, $70, 30rd mag, $20.

I have heard that the 30rd SKS mags never feed reliably. So, SKS at $370-$400, Ruger Mini-30 at over $870 (probably even closer to $900) finished product, or what I WANT an SLR-107F at about $900 including shipping, FFL transfer etc, . . ?


I LOVE wood stocks and usually WANT wood stocks on EVERYTHING. But this rifle will serve a purpose where a plastic stock will pay off. I need it so be able to be dropped into water and not necessarily need to be completely field stripped and cleaned. (BTW, IF I accidentally drop it in water I will clean it ASAP if not sooner, but you never know what is going to happen. I live in Washington, and it rains ALL the time.)

And I WANT it to look "evil". It needs to be intimidating. I'm not looking for "tacti-cool" either, I am looking for "tacti-workhorse."

The SKS was a sideline, probably won't go that route.

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    I'm on a small pension and Klacks are just not taken out of the house where I live (Canada), so that leaves the Simonov and the Ruger Min-30, which is a very nice little gun. It will take a lot of abuse and it is reliable.

    I just bought an SKS, having avoided the manymanymany Chinese ones over the years. Some of them are very accurate, others are a complete waste of ammunition. And nearly all of them don't feed well with the detachable magazines, which the gun was never designed to use.

    But there is hope. Right at this time, the Russian Army is disposing of its war-reserve SKSs in order to make room for Klacks as the new Nikonov comes into service. I just got a Russian SKS, made at Tula in early 1956, which was right at the very end of production. It has one tiny repair in the woodwork, otherwise it is a new rifle. It has a chrome-lined barrel which, quite likely, I won't live long enough to wear out. It cost me a hundred and sixty-nine CanBucks, plus taxes: C$189.28 total. It came with a sling, ammo pouch, cleaning kit, oil bottle and belt pounch for same, and even a charger (stripper clip). Of course, it has a cleaning rod on the rifle and it has the obligatory blade-type bayonet attached. This might come in handy if ever I am attacked by an angry gopher but, more likely, it will go into my spare-parts bin because it is more than likely that the rifle will shoot much more accurately without it.

    If you get an SKS, you can remove the bayonet easily and you have a nice, light, good-pointing, handy little rifle chambering a low-power cartridge which is barely adequate for deer-sized animals.

    I collect and evaluate military rifles as a hobby. I don't regard ANYTHING in 7.62x39 as an adquate hunting rifle because it doesn't matter what you do with it, you just don't have enough power to make a clean and humane kill within normal parameters of error.

    Also, I fail to see what good there is to spending tons of money to make the thing look 'evil'; that just gives more ammunition to the people who want to take away all our guns. Not only, that, it's largely a waste of your money. Why spend money on a plastic stock when the thing comes with a laminated wood stock which is stronger than plastic and likely will outlast it? Remember, almost all plastics are effected adversely by many factors, including age and )especially) ultraviolet light..... which just happens to be a major component of sunlight. On the other hand, I have rifles with laminated stocks from World War Two and they are still perfect.

    Why not just get the Russian SKS (better made than the Chinese ones and they CAN be made accurate), keep it original and spend your spare $700 on a REAL big-game rifle. Or set yourself up handloading so that you learn a lot more about guns and what makes them good/bad. You'll still have $400 left over.... and that's enough to buy a really decent long-range rifle, second-hand. Of course, it won't be black or plastic.... but it will have about 4 times the effective range, given that you are good enough to hold it.

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    I'd stick with the AK. The days of a $300 AK are long over. Arsenal makes a quality product. . . and you are gonna pay extra for it.

    Nothing against rugers, but I wouldn't buy one to put a bunch of ugly tacticool stuff on it.

    Ones of these days I'll get an SKS, but more of a conversation piece than anything. You don't seem like you want it, so I wouldn't waste the money on it.

    You can get an AR in the 750-850 price range if you want it. I'm just pointing it out. If you want the AK, get it.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    AK, SKS, Or Ruger Mini-30?

    Okay, the AK I want is an Arsenal SLR-107F This is exactly what I want. I like the muzzle break, and the stock, and I like that is is all black.

    But, I'm finding it hard to justify spending $850 on an AK.

    Other options: A...

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    I would like those Arsenal's as well, but I also can't get over that price. I think you can easily find a mini 30 for cheaper than that. I'm a little surprised by your contrast of the ak,sks, and mini 14. Not just an ak or ar argument.

    I wouldn't dare look for an sks at that price. look for a mid quality ak, no wasrs, around 4-500 loaded.

    I have seen many mini 14's going cheaper than your listed price. Keep looking. I want the arsenal, but not for that $, way too much, even though they are quality as so I've heard.

    Shipping; you're looking at 20-30, ffl transfer of 20-30. depending on who you go with.

    Good luck and please don't be disappointed by going on a skimpy version of the sks for that cheap.

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    Don't even consider a Tapco stock and after-market magazine for an SKS... It absolutely ruins the rifle. Get some stripper clips, practice a little so you can load it fast, and you're good to go. SKS was my first center fire rifle... It is a little obsolete by today's standards, but if you get a nice one (I like the Yugoslavian ones, personally, all milled) they're very solid and well built.

    The Mini-30 is a POS with expensive magazines and non-standard parts.

    Get the Arsenal AK.... Or, get a cheaper Romanian or Bulgarian AK, and change the muzzle brake and furniture. Heck, you can even paint the furniture it comes with. I bought an extra set of wood and painted it green, looks really nice. Some people have used that spray-on truck bed liner to get a cool textured surface.

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    I have chinese AK, SK and a mini 14. nothing beats the AK action. If you drop it in the water, the snow, the mud, the sand, heck-- the out house, shake it off and you're good to go. however, its more of a keep for a rainy day kind of thing. not for hunting and scares the bejeezus out of liberals. Get what you want, its only a few more bucks. then buy something presentable next year, like the mini-30.

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    If you want a SLR-107F then you better get a SLR-107F or you won't be happy. The SKS is probably the most accurate out of the bunch. With 10 round stripper clips it is pretty easy to reload an SKS fixed magazine quickly once you have a little practice.

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    I have an Arsenal AK-74, 102 Variant. It's the best made, straightest shooting, tactical carbine I own; and, it will, also, be the very last to go. $850 isn't a lot of money for a gun like this; in fact it's exactly what I paid for mine, 4 years ago.

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    Ruger Mini 30......

    But be cautious on the tactical stuff..... If its overdone the Mini 30 looks real idiotic when overdressed..... Just add a Butler Creek side folding stock and a nice scope.... Forget the nonsense rails and other dopey stuff... Just simple and kool....

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