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Problem with Steam ( Portal free download )?

I have tried downloading Portal today, and I am always stuck at the "Scanning for Steam games updates.." message.

This can go on for hours, I have tried waiting but it's going nowhere.

I have also tried changing my download region...No effect.

I do realize that there are a lot of people trying to download this game, especially today.

I think it should at least start downloading a little bit.

~Thank you in advance :)

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    The download didn't start at first when I tried it. But trying to download during the lower Steam traffic hours helped. You can see the traffic in a small graph if you activate the "Store" tab.

    The graph is shown in the lower right: "community activity". You should see a wave pattern depicting the 24 h rhythm of user activity over a period of the last 48 hours. See where you are at the moment and try again if the activity is lower.

    I think patience is the only other advice I can give you.

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    Thats a topic-loose challenge with steam, we could see how did i'm getting around it.....its been awhile. If I remeber properly, you are able to reinstall steam and it will fix it. this does not delete your video games the two, so which you will no longer would desire to redownload something. in simple terms re-deploy steam after which attempt it agin. i'm exceptionally advantageous thats how I have been given city of villians to artwork some months returned.

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